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Armco Barrier Posts For Armco Barrier & Open Box Beam

Our range of Armco posts covers all common uses and applications allowing you to install Armco crash barriers securely and safely ensuring buildings, expensive equipment, and other assets are protected from impacts and collisions.

We offer all common types of Armco post, including RSJ posts, flexible posts, z section posts most of which can be purchased in both bolt-down or cast in formats. All of our Armco posts come with a highly durable hot-dip galvanised finish that prevents corrosion long into the future.

If you are looking to include a handrail within your barrier installation then we offer several posts with handrail extensions perfect for barrier runs alongside pedestrian walkways in car parks and warehouses.

Spring Post Collection

Key Features Of Our Armco Post Range:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction - Designed to stand up to impacts from vehicles and prevent expensive repairs to buildings and other vehicles.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish - Hard-wearing and very corrosion-resistant, these barriers will stay looking good for years to come.
  • Available In Multiple Heights - Many of our posts can be used to adjust the height of the barrier beams. Some even accommodate double barrier runs.
  • Available In Bolt Down Formats - All our posts come with a bolt down base plate option for installations where excavation is not possible.
  • Handrail Options - Expecting pedestrians in the area, then our handrail accepting posts are just what you need.

What Is The Best Armco Barrier Post Spacing?

We recommend installing our Armco with upright posts positioned at 1.6m intervals. At these intervals, the post will be properly supported, and offer the best protection. In some circumstances, you will see Armco barrier post centres at 3.2m but we do not recommend this as it does not give adequate support to the beam.

How Many Armco Posts Do I Need?

To work out how many posts you need you simply need to divide the total distance covered for example 16 metres, then divide that number by 1.6, then add 1. This gives you a total of 11 posts required for a 16-metre run.

We will shortly add an Armco calculator here to help work this out, along with how many beams and fixings are required.

Key Types Of Posts In The Armco System;

There are several things to consider when choosing your Armco barrier post. These include, but are not limited to;

Is It Possible To Excavate?

If the answer is no, you will need to consider using bolt down posts. But you will still need to ensure that material you are bolting into is strong enough to support the barrier.

Will Pedestrians Be Using The Area?

If the answer is yes then you should consider including a handrail, this will give pedestrians something to steady themselves on in the event of a trip, but will also discourage people from climbing over the barrier.

What Types Of Vehicle Use The Area?

This will impact the height at which the barrier should be positioned, and whether or not you may want to consider a dual height barrier.

760mm RSJ Bolt Down Post

RSJ Posts

These posts are made from a P224 RSJ beam and come in both bolt down and cast in formats. There is also a range of heights available.

Z Section Bolt Down Post

Z Section Posts

These budget uprights cost less but are not tested to the same standards as the RSJ beam. They are also available in both bolt down and cast in formats.

CEN G Spring Post

Spring Type Posts

Available only in a bolt down format these posts offer some flexibility. Ideal for behind car parking spaces in multi-story car parks. Where speeds are generally very low.

Cast In Post Collection

Cast in / Dig In

Cast in posts give great protection and are exactly what you need if there is no existing foundation to build the barrier onto. You will need to be sure that there are no services running underground such as water, gas and electricity.

Bolt Down Post Collection

Bolt Down

Bolt down posts are great for use in areas where you cannot excavate, or already have a suitable surface that is strong enough to bolt to. This is often a suitable solution for multi-story car parks. Due to the lower labour requirements, this often works out cheaper to install too.

Other Parts of our Armco Range

Our full range of Armco contains many other components, all of which you can find in our Armco barrier section of the website.

Internal Rigid 90 Degree Corner

Armco Corners

Used to connect two runs of barrier seamlessly together without any gaps.

Amco Beams

Beams and rails are available to link posts and corners together.

Armco Safety End Cap On Beam

Armco End Caps

End caps make the unfinished ends of beams neater and safer for pedestrians and vehicles.

Fastners & Fixings

Armco Fixings

All the things needed to bolt your Armco together ensuring it delivers the performance you need.

Need Help Finding The Best Post For Your Install?

If you are struggling to find a suitable post for your barrier system, or if you simply need to confirm some Armco barrier post dimensions then pick up the phone and speak to our trained sales team. They will help you find the best barrier with the best levels of protection for your needs. Our phone lines are open during normal business hours and our friendly team are waiting for your call.

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