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Road Marking Paint - All Types & Colours

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Showing 1 to 66 of 107 (2 Pages)

Road Marking Paint - UK’s Leading Road Paint Suppliers

At Start Traffic we carry a vast selection of road marking products to suit all needs. These paints are part of our wider range of surface markings, which incorporate road studs, adhesive tapes and even temporary markings.

Our road marking paints are all engineered to be hard-wearing, easy to apply and cost-efficient. So if you are looking to buy road paint then you have come to the right place.

There are many formats of road paint and it can take some time to get your head around the different types. With this in mind, we have a great support team and a wealth of datasheets and documentation to help you get the best road paint for your needs. If you do get stuck though, we are here to help!

High-Performance Road Paints That Are Not Just For Roads

Although many of these paints are “road paints” they are perfect not just for road lines but for car parks, loading bays and other heavy-duty applications. We supply our markings to all market sectors including schools, factories, hospitals, universities, warehouses, airports city councils.

Thermoplastic pedestrian symbol

Types Of Road Marking Paint

Most of our paints fall into one of two major categories, these are thermoplastic road markings and liquid line marking paints. There are some differences which are explained below:

Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Our Preformed Thermoplastic markings come in a range of shapes, letters, numbers symbols and rolls. They are “dry” and exceptionally easy to work with.

Unlike conventional paint, these markings can be laid out and re-arranged until you are happy with the format. Once everything is in place a gas torch is used to melt the marking to the road’s surface. At this point, you can also add glass bead aggregate to enhance traction.

Because these markings are supplied pre-formed they are perfect for complicated symbols, such as disabled bay markings, wording, space numbers, and EV Charging point symbols.

Car Park painted with liquid road mark

Liquid Road Line Marking Paints

This is more like a traditional paint system, it is liquid and applied with a roller, brush, squeegee or line marking machine. They can be used to paint lines, but are also good for colouring larger areas. Some of the older paints on the market where chlorinated-rubber based, but more modern paints are mostly acrylic.

Within our range, we carry single part StartMark S.B. Line Marking paint, which requires no activator, and has a good working time. It is heavy duty and great for busy car parks.

If you need something Ultra-heavy duty and suitable for use on major roads then our StartMark MMA paints are ideal. These require the use of an activator (included with the product) that makes the paint very fast drying, and exceptionally durable.

Aerosol Paint circling a pot hole

Aerosol Paints

These are still a liquid but are supplied in an easy to handle can, for quick and simple line marking projects. We carry both permanent and temporary spray line marking systems in our warehouse ready for fast delivery.

Thermoplastic glass beads and gas torch

Road Paint Accessories

Some of our paint systems require primers and other tools for the perfect installation. You will find all accessories available to buy online, including chalk liner, gas torches and glass beads.

More than Just Road Marking Paints

Looking for temporary road marking tape for short term works? Or maybe you just need some permanent road studs for a truck parking area? We stock all of these products on the shelf with fast delivery times.

If you cannot find the paint you are looking for, we are here to help on +44 (0)1905 794875. Our experienced sales team will be able to assist you in getting the very best product for your needs at the very best price. Our offices are open during normal office hours.

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