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UK Road Signs For Sale

Road Signs For Sale - Site & Road Safety

At Start Traffic we are proud of our vast range of permanent and temporary road signs. Our signs meet or exceed all UK road sign requirements, ensuring you stay compliant. By working with several major manufacturers, our signage selection is the most comprehensive range of fully approved signs out there.

We buy in bulk so you don’t have to! We buy vast amounts of signage each and every week, driving prices down. By buying in so much signage we can negotiate better pricing which is then passed onto our customers, giving you variety and savings!

All in all, by buying from Start Traffic you can be sure that you are getting the best prices, best quality and best selection of traffic signs out there. If you cannot see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Robosign in use with traffic cones and stanchion signage

Temporary Signage

Our range of temporary street signs can be used on everything from cycle lanes to major roads. Whether you are posting a lane restriction on a motorway or notifying pedal cycles to dismount on a footpath we have you covered.

Selection of cone signs leaning against a stack of cones

Cone Signs

Cheap and simple, these signs can be dropped over a 750mm or 1-metre traffic cone.

Selection of metal stanchion signs

Stanchion Signs

Traditional Zintec faces set into a metal frame, perfect for road and street works.

Selection of Quick-Fit signage

Quick-Fit Signage

More popular on large scale works, this quick-change system is very adaptable.

Selection of Q-Signs


Our premier plastic road sign system, perfect for temporary street works.

Folding end of roadworks signs

Folding Signs

When space is short these roll up and folding signs take up minimal room, perfect for mobile works.

Permanent Signage

Permanent signs can be used in car parks, main roads, motorways and just about anywhere vehicles or cars are present. Our range is perfect for keeping road users informed of speed limits, height restrictions, or even the way our of a car park.

Our permanent signage is available on a variety of backings, with a selection of reflectivity grades to choose from. We work only with the best materials from manufacturers such as 3M.

Choose from a range of reflective standards including RA1, R2/RA2, R3C, R3B. Almost all of our permanent signs are available in post mounted or wall mounted formats.

Selection of road warning signs

Warning Signs

Warn road users of upcoming changes in the road, such as a mini-roundabout, narrow left-hand lane, or uneven road suraface

Disabled badge holders only parking sign

Information Signs

Describing where parking restrictions or where traffic cameras may be in operation. These are always rectangular.

Selection of regulatory signage

Regulatory Signs

These signs inform road users where restrictions such as no overtaking or speed limits apply.

One way signs pointing left and forward

Instructional Signs

These signs give orders such as one way and mark cycle routes. These often have a blue background.

Example of directional tourist and diversion signs

Direction Signs

We can produce custom direction signs for roundabouts, junctions and industrial estates.

Post mounted sign clips, post and post end cap

Posts & Accessories

Choose from a selection of sign mounting hardware to keep your permanent signs secure.

Custom Signage

By working closely with several major sign manufacturers we can offer customised signs with quick turnaround times. Our custom signs are available in all formats including temporary or permanent.

Whether you need temporary speed limit signs for road works or a custom permanent sign we have what you need. We offer sign builders online, and proofing services so that you can be sure you are getting the right sign, in the right format.

Custom Sign Template

Street Signs & Road Names

These permanent signs are deserving of a category all of their own, they come with options to input a chosen street name and include symbols, such as those that indicate it is a no through road.

We have the option to choose from a variety of styles and sizes. We can also supply the signs with an anti-vandal overlay that repels paint and permanent markers making them easier to clean.

Street Name Sign

Sign Packages

Some signs just belong together, for this reason, we have put together some easy to purchase sign kits. These include commonly required signs already bundled together for your convenience.

Useful Resources:

There are many pieces of documentation available online regarding road signage and its proper deployment. You can find links to this on our regulations page. This covers everything from the TSRGD requirements to the red book. We always recommend that you check into the regulations to ensure you are compliant yourself, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet local regulatory requirements.

Cone Sign Roadworks Package

Who Can Buy Our Road Signs?

We are happy to work with anyone who requires road signs, from private individuals to large retailers and traffic management companies. We offer competitive pricing for all tiers of users.

  • Traffic Management - For marking out road closures and traffic guidance for road works.
  • Private Individuals - Permanent wall mounted ‘keep clear’ signs for gates, or speed limit signs for long driveways.
  • Holiday Parks - Speed limit signage, speed bump warning signs and other directional signs.
  • Car Parks - Disabled bay parking signs, pedestrian crossing signs and direction signs for improved navigation.
  • Factories - Directions to loading bays, parking bay reservation signs and give way signage.
  • NHS Trusts - Directional signage around sites to help find certain departments, as well as parking guidance signs.
One way sign being used in an industrial estate

Workplace Signage:

Within the workplace, there is a massive requirement for safety signage. We have all bases covered, with all the major types covered.

  • Fire Safety Signage - Information to help with the location and use of fire safety equipment.
  • Emergency Exit Signage - Showing evacuation routes, fire exits, and assembly points.
  • Mandatory Signage - Instructions regarding access rules, keeping areas clear, and conditions of fire safety doors.
  • Prohibition Signage - Used to inform where smoking, pedestrians or activities are prohibited.
  • Warning Signage - Keep workers and visitors informed of hazards such as shock risks.
  • PPE Signage - Ensure workers understand what PPE should be worn with proper signage
Examples of customised workplace signage

Need Help Finding The Right Signs?

We are here to help, we have a sales team that will help you get the exact signage you require at the very best price. Whether you are looking for permanent, temporary or site safety signage we are available on +44 (0)1905 794875 during office hours.

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