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Warehouse Mirrors & Industrial Safety Mirrors

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Warehouse Mirrors

Warehouse and industrial safety mirrors form a crucial part of our mirror range. Our warehouse mirrors’ primary functions are maintaining circulation within industrial sites by preventing collisions at blind spots, junctions and aisles. The mirrors help users avoid accidents in the workplace by providing a heightened awareness of approaching vehicles (such as forklifts), pedestrians and unexpected hazards.

Our industrial and warehouse mirrors are a cost-effective and impactful way of avoiding workplace accidents. Installation is quick and straightforward, and our extensive range should ensure you have the correct mirror to meet your requirements. Each mirror offers an excellent, precise image with no distortion.

We offer a variety of mirrors to suit your needs, from yellow and black framed mirrors that stand out in an industrial environment to hemispherical mirrors that allow a 360° angle of vision. We also offer specialised mirrors for use in extreme heat environments or food production organisations, where the products are adapted to suit the specific requirements of their respective sites. Our VIALUX mirror options allow for heightened visibility for machinery drivers and are adaptable for forklifts, construction machinery and compactors.

Yellow and Black Industrial Mirror

industrial mirror

When to use a Warehouse and Industrial Safety Mirror:

Warehouse and industrial safety mirrors should be used in industrial areas where preventing accidents is a high priority. This could be in (but is not limited to) settings:

  • Where there are blind spots between aisles or shelves.
  • Where vehicles and people mix.
  • Junctions between aisles and shelves.
  • Where people and vehicles are operating in the same area.
  • Where hard-to-reach parts of a production line need to be observed.
  • Where drivers of industrial machinery would benefit from optimised visibility.

Key Features of our Industrial and Warehouse Safety Mirrors

Yellow and Black frames Industrial Mirror

Yellow and black frames - can be easily spotted in an industrial environment. The thermoplastic resin frames are treated with anti-UV and optics to ensure longevity and weather protection. Our yellow and black framed mirrors offer a 90° angle of vision.

Hemispheric Mirror in Situ

Hemispheric mirrors - ½ mirror options offer a 360° angle of vision. These mirrors can be hung from the ceiling by 4 chains, and allow the user to see in 4 directions. ¼ and ½ vertically mounted options enable users to see in 3 directions and don’t require chains.

Stainless Steel for a clean room

Mirrors for demanding environments - These mirrors are adapted for specialised environments. Those with galvanised brackets can be used in temperatures up to 400°, whilst our stainless steel bracketed mirrors adhere to the hygienic conditions required for the food manufacturing industry.

Flat Mirror

Flat mirrors - these flat, shatterproof mirrors are made of plexiglass (PMMA), which avoids fragmentation. These options are more resistant, lighter than glass, and are anti-scratch and anti-distortion.

Factors to consider when installing a warehouse or industrial safety mirror:

Detective compact mirror

Most of the mirrors in our range of warehouse and industrial mirrors are convex, which means they have a curved reflective surface. This allows the user to have a wider field of vision than the standard, flat mirror.

Our warehouse and industrial mirror options can come in different optics, which means the end product may be more responsive to various environmental conditions, with each optic having additional advantages and disadvantages.

POLYMIR optics - are unbreakable and offer clear and sharp images.

P.A.S optics - gives a high-quality and precise image. Mirrors with this optic are unbreakable with anti-scratch, static and UV surface coating.

PMMA optics - offer a high quality and sharp image but are not unbreakable.

POLYCARBONATE optics - unbreakable and has an M1 fire classification. The hemispheric mirrors at this optic have a central hole to allow water through should sprinkler systems be engaged.

Other Mirrors In Our Range

Traffic Mirrors

Traffic and Road Mirrors

These are designed to prevent road accidents by providing optimum visibility at high-risk locations.

Security Mirrors

Security Mirrors

These reduce the risk of theft or incidents in shops and prisons

Driveway mirrors

Driveway mirrors

These are a specialised selection of road and traffic mirrors

Anti-vandal mirrors

Anti-vandal mirrors

These vandalism-resistant mirrors made of stainless steel to avoid tampering.

Inspection mirrors

Inspection mirrors

These can be used to reach and observe hard-to-reach areas/ machinery parts.

Our warehouse and industrial mirrors are a great way to avoid collisions and incidents in your commercial area. To ensure the continued smooth running of your warehouse or site, consider using our range of floor marking tape and line systems or edge protection to maximise your arsenal of internal safety features.

Need Help Finding the Right Warehouse or Industrial Safety Mirror?

If you are still looking for the warehouse or industrial mirror you require, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a wide range of high-quality mirrors available to purchase. If you are unsure which mirror would suit your site requirements, call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875 for assistance.

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