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Mortar Mixing Tubs

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Mortar Tubs - Forklift Mortar Tubs & Crane Lift Mortar Tubs

At Start Safety, we stock a comprehensive selection of mortar tubs. These include crane lift, forklift options and dual-purpose tubs that can be lifted safely by forklift or crane. Our tubs are some of the toughest on the market, made from high-quality polyethene and feature reinforcements where required.

With a range of sizes and styles available, we have systems to cater to all site requirements, from 333-litre tubs for larger teams to smaller tubs suitable for smaller projects or lone plasterers.

Our range of mortar tubs are not just suitable for transporting mortar and plaster; they can also be used to move rubble and other waste products around your work site during construction. We only work with established and trusted brands such as Oakland Plastics, who have an outstanding reputation in the industry for making quality mortar tubs; with this in mind, you can trust that the tubs we supply are durable and, most importantly, safe.

Bricklayer Worker Moving Large A Mortar Tub

Key Features

  • Fork Lift - If you do not have a crane on site, then a forklift tub is the obvious choice.
  • Base Lift - Most tubs are lifted by forklifts from the base; these tend to have obvious ledges or slots for forks to engage.
  • Rim Lift - Some forklift tubs can be lifted by the upper rim. This is the case for the Oaklands 250L TL.
  • Crane Lift - Crane lift tubs feature a reinforcing cage that allows a crane to be used safely to move mortar, plaster and waste around the site.
  • Multi-Lift - Some tubs, such as the 300 Uni CLT, can be moved by forklift and crane, making them very diverse.
  • Reinforcement Ribs - Keep the tub strong and rigid, enhancing the unit's strength.
  • Double Skinned - Some of our tubs are double skinned for extra durability; this can be all over or just at strategic locations such as around the forklifting points.
  • Choice Of Colours - Our tubs come in a range of colours, allowing you to separate their applications or help you identify them as your company's property.
  • LOLER Tested Where Requested - If requested, we can provide LOLER testing of tubs before delivery (additional costs may apply)
  • Custom Branding - We can custom brand these tubs with your logo, allowing you to easily identify your equipment and promote your company.
Forklift Mortar Tub

Need Help Finding The Right Mortar Tub For Your Needs?

We have a wide range of materials handling equipment available, so if you cannot find what you need, call our sales team and let them help you with the heavy lifting. You can contact them on +44 (0)1905 794875 during normal business hours. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find everything from mortar tubs to PPE, shovels and more.

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