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Plastic Kerb Ramps For Pedestrians, Contractors & Wheelchairs

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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)

Temporary Kerb Ramps For Wheelchairs & Pedestrians

Kerb Ramps play a crucial part in ensuring that construction areas are accessible to pedestrians of varying ableness. Each of our yellow ramps are for use by pedestrians and wheelchairs on construction sites. Use them to maintain accessibility while pavement access is interrupted by ground works or other construction work.

Key Applications:

  • Safety Around Construction & Site Works - Ensure the public can safely mount and unmount a kerb without a drop kerb.
  • Front Door Access For the Disabled - Use our ramps to improve wheelchair access up and down steps and ledges.

One of our ramps is not like the rest! The Kerb-Wedge allows cars and other small vehicles (even wheelbarrows) to mount a kerb easily. This ramp is uniquely suited to those who do not have a "drop kerb" in front of their driveway. It is also ideal for the builder who needs to get a wheelbarrow up and down a pavement or step regularly.

supagrip ramp in use

Extra Wide Temporary Wheelchair Ramp

Kerb Buddy Extra long

The Melba Kerb Buddy is longer than the other ramps that we offer, it is therefore great in areas with slightly taller pavements.

  • Extra Long Tread Area
  • 250kg max-load
  • Carry Handles
Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp Dimentions

Tricel 500kg Heavy Duty 

The key feature of the Tricel Heavy Duty Ramp is its incredible load bearing capacity. It is capable of taking loads of up to 500kg, three times that of other ramps in the marketplace.

  • 500kg max-load
  • Efficient Stacking
Extra Grip Kerb Ramp

Supagrip SafeKerb  Ramp

The Supagrip features a rubberised edge and also a weight capability jump from 250kg to 350kg over the standard Safekerb.

  • Extra-grip Edge
  • 350kg max-load
  • Lightweight 10kg

Kerb Ramp Specifications & Dimensions

 Melba Kerb BuddyTricel Heavy Duty Kerb RampSupagrip Safe kerb
Our Product Code126171261812846
Maximum Load250kg500kg350kg
Grip Treads
Extra Wide Design  
Smaller footprint 
Efficient stacking 
One man lift
High Side Guards  
Can be bolted down
Rubber Edge for extra grip  
Kerb Buddy

Kerb Buddy



Tricel Heavy Duty

Tricel Heavy Duty

Supagrip SafeKerb

Supagrip SafeKerb

For A Portable Wheelchair Ramp, We Recommend...

We recommend the Supagrip SafeKerb for this application, at only 10kg it is easily lifted by users of almost all physical abilities, yet it is still very capable of taking the load of a wheelchair and wheelchair user.

The compact form factor makes the SafeKerb easy to transport within most domestic vehicles, something that is not always possible with other ramps.

Need assistance Finding The Right Plastic Kerb Ramp?

If you need to speak to someone about the type of temporary kerb ramp that you require then please call us on our freephone number shown above. Our sales team will be happy to assist you in getting the right ramp for your requirements. Call them today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

Supagrip Safekerb kerb Ramp

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