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Litter Picking Equipment

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Litter Picking Equipment For Cleaner Working Environments

Our range of litter-picking tools contains everything you need to ensure your staff members can safely collect litter without putting themselves at risk of cuts and scratches while being fast and efficient on the job.

Our high-quality litter-picking grips and grabs allow workers to quickly grab litter from the floor or hard-to-reach areas without bending or twisting regularly. The quality litter pickers have specialist grips, allowing them to grasp all sizes of debris and litter securely. Our bag hoops feature durable handles that simplify handling bin bags, reducing the risk of contact with potentially contaminated waste.

Within our range, you will find heavy-duty bin liners that can be used to safely collect litter without fear of it spontaneously redistributing itself along the roadside or across your car park due to a split bag. All the above items make litter picking fast, effective and safe for all involved. Don't forget to check our range of Hi-vis jackets and safety gloves to ensure you can be seen and keep your hands adequately protected.

litter Picking

litter Picking Bag Hoop


  • Ergonomics - Ensure that your litter-picking equipment is ergonomic; this means checking that litter-picking grabs are long enough to prevent unnecessary bending, which can lead to back problems.
  • Ease Of Use - When it's cold and wet, the last thing any worker wants is to be fighting with their equipment.
  • Durability - When picking litter, you may be well away from other working areas on a remote countryside road. For this reason, it is important to ensure that all equipment is durable and hard-wearing, ensuring you won't be stranded without working equipment.

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