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Street Furniture For Children

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Street Furniture for Children of All Ages

As part of our range of street furniture, we offer a variety of high-quality, specially designed styles tailored for use by children of all ages. Featuring bright and vibrant colours, and friendly illustrations, and available in various sizes to accommodate the diverse heights of schoolchildren, our range aims to enrich outdoor play experiences for kids of all ages while improving the look of school playgrounds and parks.

Each item from our range is designed to be practical and look good too, no matter where it it’s placed. Included in our range of outdoor furniture for kids are barriers and railings, benches, rubbish bins, and a myriad of other street furniture items. Each product is designed and developed with a focus on meeting the unique needs of children.

Whether it be benches with lower seats, playground fencing with illustrations, or brightly coloured street furniture items to stimulate young minds, at Start Safety, we have something that’s durable and will look great in any setting!

Small Child Playing In PlayGround With Junior Street Furniture

Key Features

Multicoloured Bin For Children

Bright Colours

Vivid colours are stimulating for young minds.

Barrier With Snake Illustration For Children

Child-Friendly Designs

Long-lasting and strong, our items are designed with the safety of their users in mind, keeping sharp corners, and edges to a minimum.

Small Colourful Picnic Bench For Children


Most of our range of street furniture for kids can be bought in two different sizes, both smaller than regular - for use by kids during different moments of their childhood. Our two standard sizes are for nurseries and for primary schools.

Brown and Green Tree Shaped Kids Noticeboard For Nurseries, Schools and Playgrounds

Friendly illustrations

Fun shapes and illustrations keep children's minds active even as they engage with their environments.

Who and Where?

Playground With Junior Street Furniture For children

Whether you're outfitting private or public spaces, our playground equipment can be integrated into various locations to create safe and enjoyable spaces for children. From public parks and leisure centres to school playgrounds and nurseries, our products find their place effortlessly.

Although principally used in private settings like nursery and primary schools, and public spaces such as public parks and libraries, we’d recommend installation in other spaces too.

Youth, Recreation and Leisure Centres, especially those that host younger children, can greatly benefit from their installation, as younger children are the primary demographic these establishments cater to. Children’s playground furniture can make kids feel more comfortable in a space away from their parents. Camps and retreats can benefit from outdoor play equipment too for very similar reasons.

Other spaces that could benefit from this kind of furniture are amusement parks, children's hospitals, zoos, beaches, campgrounds and any other child-centric spaces.

Factors to Consider

When installing kids' playground equipment, it's important to consider safety regulations, accessibility, and the specific needs of the intended users in each location.

Keep the age range of the children destined to use the equipment in mind, as many of our items are stocked in two different sizes - for nurseries and for primary schools.

Additionally, regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to ensure the safety of the equipment and the children using it. This is even more important with our range of junior furniture than our other street furniture items for obvious reasons.

It's important to think about where to install specialised outdoor furniture for kids, such as children's picnic tables. This consideration should factor in aspects like safety, hygiene, and practicality.

Colourful Picnic Bench For Children Installed Near Slide Set

Need Help?

We can send a specialist to visit your site to discuss and understand your wants and needs, as well as the limitations of your open space, ensuring that our recommendations align with your vision. For a hassle-free experience, we also offer professional installation services, making the process of upgrading your outdoor spaces easy and convenient.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibilities of your open space further, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our specialised team on 01905 794875.

You can also contact us instantly via chat at the bottom of the page!

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