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Traffic Mirrors - Convex For Traffic Safety

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Traffic Mirrors and Road Mirrors

Traffic and road mirrors make up a critical part of our mirror range. Our traffic safety mirrors are designed to prevent road accidents by providing maximum visibility at strategic locations and blind spots. Strategic areas include junctions, car parks and concealed exits and entrances. We also supply more specialised mirrors for cycle lanes, narrow alleyways, and tight garages.

Our range of traffic mirrors helps drivers avoid accidents by providing a heightened awareness of oncoming vehicles. We offer a variety of frames on our traffic mirrors, allowing them to adapt seamlessly to their surroundings. Red and white frames maximise visibility, whilst black frames allow for discretion.

Our range of traffic mirrors offers high-quality, clear, and sharp images with no distortion, and our anti-UV frames offer longevity and protection against unfavourable environments. Finding the right mirror can be an easy and cost-effective way to increase security and safety - our mirrors have a lasting shelf life, are weather resistant and take virtually no time to install.

Traffic Mirror installed on City Street

Traffic Mirror Installed

When to use a Traffic or Road Mirror

There are various road settings where avoiding collisions between vehicles or substantial viability is a primary concern. Traffic mirrors should be a go-to for users looking to prevent accidents or injury in these environments. These settings include but are not limited to:

  • Junctions
  • Car parks
  • Concealed entrances and exits
  • Cycle lanes
  • Tight spaces such as alleyways or garages

Below we have put together some of the features of our traffic mirrors that may help you decide which is most appropriate for your needs.

Key Features of Security Mirrors:

Our security mirrors are all economically viable, easy to install and produce high-quality, clear images.

Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror

Stainless Steel Traffic Mirror - our manufacturers design our stainless steel traffic mirrors with anti-frost and anti-condensation measures that require no electrical connection. Their stainless steel optics are unbreakable, insensitive to UV and durable, guaranteeing longevity.

Anti-frost mirror

Anti-Frost and Condensation Mirrors - mirrors can be made inoperable quickly when condensation or ice forms on the reflective surface as the temperature drops. Our anti-frost and anti-condensation traffic mirrors will provide clear images at temperatures as low as -20°.

Wide Angle Traffic Mirror

Wide Angle Traffic Mirror - our wide-angle traffic mirrors offer 180° fields of vision and are particularly useful at slow-moving traffic junctions. The perfect balance between convexity distortion and usability allows users to view traffic in 3 directions simultaneously.

Cycle Mirrors

Blind Spot Mirror - our cycle safety mirror is designed to be mounted on the side of traffic lights, particularly on left turns. They provide visibility to the blind spots of large vehicles, such as lorries or buses, significantly reducing cyclists' risk of injury.

Wall Arm Bracket

Wall Arm Bracket for Mirrors - we also sell our Wall Arm Bracket for mounting mirrors. The bracket is hot-dip galvanised, so it is corrosion-resistant.

Factors to Consider when Installing a Traffic or Road Safety Mirror

Highway Mirror installed on street

Our traffic mirrors are convex, which means they have a curved, reflective surface. This feature gives you a wider field of vision than a standard flat mirror. In the case of traffic mirrors, the larger the mirror is, the better the users field of vision can be.

Viewing distance and size should therefore be crucial factors in buying a mirror. For the convex traffic mirror to be effective, its convexity must correspond to what the user wants to see. Additionally, the user should consider the number of directions that need to be in view. The user can optimise their traffic mirror experience by considering the required convexity. We supply a variety of convexities, such as the 2-direction mirror, which offers a 90° angle of vision, or a 3-direction mirror offers a 180° field of vision.

Other Mirrors In Our Range

Warehouse mirrors

Warehouse Mirrors

These are designed to stand out and prevent accidents in industrial sites.

Security mirrors

Security mirrors

These should be used in shops and even prisons to reduce the risk of theft or dangers created by blindspots.

Driveway mirrors

Driveway mirrors

These are a specialised selection of road and traffic mirrors.

Anti-vandal mirrors

Anti-vandal mirrors

These mirrors are made of stainless steel, making them resistant to vandalism.

Inspection mirrors

Inspection mirrors

These should be used to look behind machinery, under vehicles, or in places that are hard to inspect easily.

Our traffic and road mirrors are a highly effective way to prevent unexpected injuries and accidents. To ensure further smooth traffic around your site, consider using speed bumps, traffic cones and appropriate signage to maximise your traffic safety capacity.

Need Help Finding the Right Traffic or Road Mirror?

If you are still looking for the traffic or road mirror you require, we are here to help. We have a wide range of high-quality mirrors available to purchase. If you are unsure which traffic mirror would be best for your requirements, call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875 for assistance.

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