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Armco Crash Barrier Systems & Accessories

Armco Barrier Systems

Armco barrier goes by a few names including impact barrier, and Armco safety barrier and Armco crash barrier. It is a core part of our safety barrier range. We are all familiar with seeing this barrier type in car parks all over the country. It is a great permanent barrier system that reduces the risk of damage occurring to whatever it is placed in front of.

The barrier is made from galvanised corrugated steel beams and different types of galvanized steel support posts. The zinc plating that makes up the galvanised finish on these barriers makes them corrosion resistant and will prevent rusting even if the barrier suffers abrasion or an impact from a vehicle.

Designed and engineered to give years of trouble and maintenance free service without any need for painting or adjustment. Of course, if the barrier is hit particularly hard it will deform, but due to its modular design this is can often be fixed by replacing one or two small sections, and is often far cheaper than replacing or repairing the item it was protecting.

What are the most Common Armco Installations and Applications?

Armco is widely used in low-speed or low-impact areas such as car-parks, residential areas, factories, warehouses or farms. The barriers protect everything from people, and plant, to other vehicles and structural elements of a building. The modular design allows this crash protecting barrier to be tailored to almost any “off road” application.

Car Parks

The nature of this barrier makes it perfect for car parks. It can be used to form pedestrian walkways with the addition of an integrated handrail. It also forms a barrier that prevents vehicles reversing or driving into pedestrian areas. In multi-storey parking areas it can also be used to protect ramps and other structural elements from an impact.

Loading Bays

Loading bays in factories and logistic warehouses can be dangerous areas, there are often large articulated vehicles reversing, these present a danger to pedestrians on foot and even buildings. By placing Armco around the area to create walkways and “buffer zones” should a driver misjudge a manoeuvre damage will only be sustained to the Armco, and not result in damage to a building or an employee.


Racking in warehouses is very expensive and actually quite fragile, especially in high rise applications. Once a leg is dented it will be compromised and will need to be replaced, causing disruption to operations. Armco barriers can be placed around racking where fork lifts turn, greatly reducing the risk of forklifts crashing into the racking itself should the driver make a mistake.

Typical Armco Setup

Armco is Flexible

At Start Traffic we carry stock a wide variety of impact barrier items such as those seen in the diagram below, these in their own right can be arranged to cover almost all applications and layouts. Should the standard array of products not be sufficient for your requirements, we are also able to have custom made radius beams and custom length beams made to order to suit your needs.

Different Armco Post Types

There are a few different leg configurations to choose from including ‘Z section’, ‘I section’, and flexible posts. The flexible posts and I section posts are only available in bolt down or surface mount configurations.

Z section posts are available in cast in or bolt down configurations, which type you require will very much depend on your installation requirements.

The Full Armco Range of Products

All Galvanised Accessories

We only sell quality galvanised end plates and bolts for our Armco system. This ensures that there will be no bi-metallic corrosion or unsightly rust streaks on your barriers once installed as can be seen when using a non-galvanised finish.

Why Buy Impact Barrier From Start Traffic?

We carry all standard items in stock, ready to ship with same day delivery available on many items. Our staff will also be able to assist you in ensuring you have the correct number of fixings for your project. Give us a call today on 0800 9788 920.

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