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Temporary Floor Markings For Sale

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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)

Temporary Floor Markings - Paints, Crayons & Tapes

Temporary road markings are used for a massive variety of purposes, from making out where things should be installed, to where hidden gas mains are installed underground. Temporary markings all have one thing in common and that is that they can be easily removed, or fade relatively quickly when compared to other line marking paints.

At Start Traffic we have several types of marking systems all of which are highly visible. The most popular temporary marking is spray paint. Other popular systems include road marking crayons, and line marking tapes.

Yellow thermoplastic applied to concrete

Key Applications:

  • Excavation Markings - Usually in white, and frequently marked using spray paints. These can be seen on building sites and where groundworks are carried out.
  • Gas Works - Usually in yellow almost always marked using spray or crayons. These are used to mark where pipework is underground, or where gas specific works are being carried out.
  • Water Utilities - Blue paints are used for this, in a similar way to gas works, the blue markings will dictate where pipes are running, or need to be run.
  • Temporary Storage Areas - Almost always tape, but sometimes spray markings. These can be any colour and can be colour coded to indicate where pallets should be kept.
  • Temporary Road Markings - Usually Tape, specifically 3m StaMark heavy-duty temporary line-markings. These can be used during road works to quickly change line-markings without them being permanent.
Road crayons used to mark where roadworks are needed

Other Types of Floor Marking Systems

Startmart Liquid Line Making Paint

Liquid Line Marking Paint

These paints can be used to create permanent lines or large areas of colour.

different colours of proline floor marking tape

Floor Marking Tapes

These are ideal for use in warehouses to mark out different zones or storage areas.

Industrial strength conformable non-slip tape

Non-Slip Tapes

Improve Traction to ensure that slips and trips are less likely to occur.

Thermoplastic lines in assorted colours

Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape

Our most popular product, rolls of easy to use line marking tape that makes marking permanent lines easy and quick!

Need Help Finding the Right Temporary Floor Markings?

We are here to help, whether you are painting a line or need to mark out the location of electrical lines underground we have a marking suitable for your needs. Please contact our sales team for assistance on +44 (0)1905 794875 today.

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