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Weather Resistant, Durable Shelters For Outdoor Use

The primary function of a shelter is to protect its contents from adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and intense sunlight, while also offering a comfortable space to wait or pass the time in. This not only enhances the waiting experience but also contributes to the efficiency and convenience of public transportation systems.

Shelters vary in their features depending on their type and purpose, yet they typically share common core elements...

Family Waits outside of Procity Conviviale Modular Shelter With Extensions

Core Elements of a Shelter

  • Cladding - These “walls” are often transparent and are usually optional to provide more cost-effective choices. They provide side protection from the elements like the wind and rain and are typically made from glass or acrylic. Please note that side and back cladding panels often differ in dimensions.
  • Extentions - Shelters are modular and can fit into their environment due to their extensions. These can be added to a shelter to provide extra space and alternative dimensions.
  • Roof - Shelters have a range of different styles of roofing, depending on how and where they should be used. For example, some variations will protect from the rain better than others, while others protect better from the snow. For some shelters, the roof is optional.
  • Frame - Usually constructed from a form of metal or wood, the frame makes up the base of the shelter and holds any cladding or roofing in place.
  • Weather Resistance - All of our shelters are built with weather-resistant materials.
  • Accessibility - Accessibility features like ramps can be built alongside or into most of our shelters.
Procity Voute Modular Shelter With Extension

Bespoke Solutions

Build a shelter tailored to your specific requirements by exploring our Shelter Parts, Spares, and Accessories category. Here, you have the option to assemble a structure with custom dimensions using frames and panels.

Alternatively, you can choose from our staff-designed and hand-prepared assortment of prebuilt smoking shelters, walkway shelters, cycle shelters, bus shelters, bin shelters, trolley shelters, and paypoint shelters.

If you need a hand, contact a member of our friendly team for a chat about your options.
You can call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875, or feel free to send us a live message using the chat box below.

Types of Shelter

Although modular in their purpose, our shelters are divided into 6 categories according to their most relevant use case. This doesn’t mean that they are limited to one specific use! If you love the look and specifications of a shelter that was designed for use at bus stops, nothing is stopping you from installing it as a bike shelter at your place of work. Many customers find unique use cases for their shelters - and we love to hear about them!

Bus Shelters

The bus shelters we offer boast contemporary designs that allow them to coordinate seamlessly with their surroundings while looking modern and professional. Each shelter complies with the need for accessibility on public streets and comes with rear cladding, a timetable display case, and optional extras, such as perch seats. Made from only the highest quality materials, the bus shelters we supply are cost-effective, long-lasting and damage-resistant.

While safeguarding users from the elements, our bus shelters' sleek designs enhance the passengers' overall experience waiting for the bus. They can be a cost-effective way of upgrading the look of your local area whilst subversively encouraging users to participate in public transport systems.

Procity Milan Bus Shelter Installed At Base of Scenic Hill

Bin Shelters

Bin shelters are designed to store and conceal bins of all sizes, protecting against both weather and passerby-related damage. They effectively manage the storage of waste bins by concealing and containing them within a well-ventilated enclosure. This design minimises the visual and olfactory impact on the community, helping to prevent littering while controlling odours.

With easy access for both users and waste disposal personnel, these shelters are typically enclosed and are built with materials chosen for their resistance to rust, corrosion, or degradation, ensuring long-term durability.

Large Installed Wheelie Bin Shelter

Smoking Shelters

Our smoking shelters are designed to comply with UK smoking shelter regulations, ensuring proper ventilation by maintaining at least 50% of the perimeter under the roof as open space. This design facilitates adequate ventilation to disperse smoke while providing a shield against adverse weather conditions. The shelters contribute to the containment of smells and smoke and use flame-retardant and fire-resistant materials, acting as a preventative measure against the spread of fires.

Although seating and bins are not included, you have the option to choose from our extensive range of perch benches and ashtrays to customise your shelter. Best installed near entrances or designated outdoor areas, our shelters are tailored to accommodate smokers without impacting non-smokers. By minimising the impact of secondhand smoke on non-smokers, our shelters offer a comprehensive and compliant solution for a comfortable and responsible smoking environment.

Smoking Shelter Installed With Cigarette Bin Bollard

Bike (and Motorbike) Shelters

As more and more people opt for using bicycles for environmental and economic reasons and as part of cycle-to-work schemes, the demand for high-quality, cost-effective bike solutions has never been higher. We offer a range of cycling solutions, from secure racks and stands to bicycle shelters and compounds.

We supply a wide range of unique products, allowing you to match your cycling solution product both to your user’s requirements and the aesthetics of your surroundings. The designs vary from cost-effective and straightforward to more elaborate, elegant and decorative, giving you flexibility when deciding on a purchase.

Our extensive range allows us to cater to all budgets, space requirements and design specifications. Our customers can install our cycle solution products in all sectors and industries, from existing car parks to pavements and private residences.

Bike Shelter Full of Bikes

Ticket Machine and Paystation Shelters

Most people will agree that using a machine in the rain to pay for a ticket (or waiting in a queue in the rain to buy a ticket) is amongst the worst evils known to man. Help this process by building your ticket machine inside a shelter, keeping customers dry and happy, and increasing the probability they will spend longer periods of time in your spaces.

These pay station shelters are built to protect the ticket machine itself, which often increases its street life. In conjunction with lighting and cameras, a shelter is a great measure to reduce and prevent vandalism not only to the machine but to amenities and vehicles in the immediate vicinity. These safety measures can be used in different settings, including car parks, public transport systems, public venues like museums and attractions, theme parks, ski resorts, and transport services like ferry terminals and airports.

Lady Using Ticket Machine Inside Shelter

Trolley Shelters

Most people will agree that using a machine in the rain to pay for a ticket (or waiting in a queue in the rain to buy a ticket) is amongst the worst evils known to man. Help this process by building your ticket machine inside a shelter, keeping customers dry and happy, and increasing the probability they will spend longer periods of time in your spaces.

Trolley shelters offer a designated space for storing and protecting shopping carts, preventing them from being left scattered around a carpark and so enhancing store organisation. These structures are typically open or semi-enclosed, and some may feature a roof to protect carts from the elements. They provide a convenient location for customers to leave and retrieve shopping trolleys and to orient themselves within the car park.

Shelter Full of Trolleys Waiting to Be Used

Covered Walkways

Covered walkways help protect outdoor paths from weathering. Usually placed over pathways with high footfall, having a covering on your walkway allows pedestrians to navigate between buildings and other places of interest without getting wet or being otherwise affected by the elements. These walkway canopies are modular in their nature and can be installed around any existing and future paths.

Procity Covered Walkway Canopy Protecting Pathway

Need Help Finding The Perfect Shelter For Your Outdoor Space?

If you require assistance in selecting the optimal shelter for your space, seek additional information about our comprehensive range, or wish to discuss the design possibilities inherent in your space, feel free to reach out to our team on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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