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Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps, Speed Ramps & Speed Humps

Our speed bumps are a crucial part of our extensive range of traffic safety and traffic calming products. We have a range of speed humps in various formats and kit sizes to suit all budgets and physical requirements.

Our most popular option is our speed bump kits; these come with everything needed to install your speed bump. They include the fixings, speed bump components and any required connectors. We can even supply the drill bit if needed, ensuring that you can securely install your speed bump.

You can easily install all our speed ramps if you are competent with a tape measure and an electric drill. They are an excellent way of reducing traffic speed on construction sites, workplaces, schools and hospitals, slowing traffic such as cars, vans and lorries.

SiteCop Rubber Speed Bumps By Site Access

Key Speed Bump Features

Bolt Down Installation Of A Speed Bump Inner Section

Bolt Down Installation

All our speed bums are bolt down. They do not require you to carry out any excavation or casting. This feature makes installation quick, clean and efficient.

Premium Speed Bump Kit Installed

Uniform Size

Unlike cast traffic calming devices, our speed road humps are the same size along their entire length. This uniformity allows you to slow cars without risking them grounding out.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Compared to cast on-site speed bumps formed from concrete or tarmac, our speed ramps are cheap to install and easy to maintain.

A Lorry Going Over A Site Cop Plus Speed Bump

Heavy Duty

Our speed bumps are all made to withstand frequent use in busy areas. The type of traffic in the area may impact the speed bump required.

Cost Effective

Can Be Serviced

You can service all of our modular speed bumps. If an individual section becomes worn or damaged, you can easily lift out a single piece and replaced it.

The Reflective Area On A Ridge Back Speed Bump At Night


Our ramps all feature reflective areas or cat eyes. This ensures that drivers can view them from a distance, giving advanced warning.

Speed Bumps Are 100% Recycled

Recycled Materials

Many of our speed ramps are made from recycled tyres, PVC and other recycled plastics, reducing waste going to landfill.

Cable & Hose Channels Underneath The Ridgeback Speed Bump

Cable Routing

Some of our speed humps feature a cable channel on the underside; you can use this to route a cable or hose safety across a driveway.

75mm & 50mm Speed Bump Height Options

A Choice Of Heights

Almost all products in this range are available in different heights and sizes. This allows you to choose the appropriate height for your application.

Key Applications

Detached Houses Adjacent To A Private Drive

Private Residences

If you live at the end of a private drive and are tired of delivery vehicles speeding, then our speed humps are the perfect solution.

Supermarket Car Park


The quantity of cars and pedestrians in a mixed-use space at a supermarket means reducing vehicle speeds is essential.

Distribution Centre In An Industrial Estate

Industrial Estates

Industrial estates often install our speed humps to ensure the safety of workers and the general public.

School With A Slide In Front


When vehicles and children mix the only logical thing to do is to slow the vehicles down. Our speed bumps can improve the safety of children coming and going to school.

Golf Course

Golf Courses

With their long driveways, golf courses can often have issues with speeding vehicles.

Retail Park From Above

Retail Parks

The mix of pedestrians and vehicles found at sizeable retail car parks is a recipe for disaster unless a strict speed limit is enforced.

Drone Footage Of A Recycling Centre

Recycling Sites

Household waste & recycling sites need to keep vehicle speeds restricted to ensure the safety of people unloading their cars.

Hospital Pictured From The Front


With frail and unwell people walking around whilst drivers eagerly seek a parking space. Speed ramps are an ideal way to improve safety.

Frequently Asked Speed Bump Questions:

How do speed bumps work?

They work by forcing vehicles to slow down to avoid an uncomfortable ride over the bump. Going over a speed ramp too fast will be uncomfortable for passengers in the vehicles.

How to get speed bumps on your street?

If you live on a private road, you can install them yourself. If it is a shared private road, so long as other residents agree that they are required, you can install them. If the road is public, you will need to speak to your local council, who will be able to advise the best procedure.

Can you park near a speed bump

Unless the speed bump is in front of a dropped kerb or has any other markings such as hatchings to indicate you should not park there, then you can park over a speed bump.

How to get speed bumps installed?

If you want it installed on private land, we can contact you with details of our installation service. They can provide you with a quote to install our speed bumps. Call our sales team on 01905 974 875 or alternatively fill out this enquiry form.

What is the difference between speed bumps and speed humps?

There is no difference; they are just different names adopted through the years to describe any bump, hump or ramp that slows down road traffic.

What is a sleeping Policeman?

A sleeping policemen is just another name for a speed bump. There is no difference in the design or format.

What height do I need?

There are several heights of speed bumps available. Which height of speed bump you require will depend on the speed you want to slow vehicles down to. 75mm high bumps will enforce a 5mph speed limit for most vehicles. All our speed hump product pages will give information on what speed each height will restrict vehicles to.

Looking For Something Different?

Yellow Plastic Tooth Flow Plate Centre With Two Ends

Flow Plates

These are best thought of as “one-way” speed bumps. You can use them to restrict the direction traffic can pass through an area.

Two Speed Cushions Installed Outside Of School

Speed Cushions

These are similar to speed humps but are generally square and used to limit vehicles to around 20mph. You can frequently see them on side roads near schools.

Cable Ramp Installed In A Pedestrian Area

Cable Ramps

If you need to pass several cables or hoses across a road, then our cable ramps are what you need. Although they look like speed ramps, they are not designed to reduce vehicle speeds.

Need Assistance?

Give our sales team a call today and get help finding the right speed bump solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for individual components, complete kits or just signage to warn of speed humps, we have what you need. Our friendly sales team are available on +44 (0)1905 794875 during regular business hours.

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