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Speed Bump Kits & Components

Keeping staff and pedestrians safe whilst walking around your property is always a top priority for any site manager. Almost all businesses and public services rely heavily on incoming and outgoing vehicles to make money and operate. Whether they bring goods in a van, patients to a hospital or customers to your shop they are an essential part of daily operations. However, with modern daily life being so busy people will always try and save some time here and there. Even if that means travelling too fast through your premises putting other pedestrians and even property at risk.

How To Stop Speeding Traffic?

Start Traffic offer a range of durable and hard wearing modular speed bumps. They are very simple to install and provide a very cost effective method of bringing traffic speeds down. We offer two heights of hump to suit your needs. These include 50mm and 75mm, which height you require will depend on the application (we will cover this in further detail below). They are available in kit form with everything (including drill bits) needed to fit the complete speed bump. They can be fixed to any hard surface such as concrete and tarmac with ease.

Our ramps are made from high-quality PVC which has been tested thoroughly. They are able to withstand frequent use by 40 ton heavy goods vehicles, vans and cars. Our speed ramps also differ from a lot of other units on the market as they have reflectors built in. Ensuring that they can be seen even in wet and dark conditions. A cable channel runs through the underside of each road hump. This channel allows you to protect a hose or cable if needed.

Who Needs Them?

There are so many industries where speed ramps can be used it is very difficult to mention them all. We find that they are most popular for logistics depots, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and of course construction sites. In short these quality ramp kits can be used on any site where vehicles need to be prevented from speeding.

Where Can I Use Them?

These kits can be used in any off-road application of your choosing, by off-road we do not mean in the middle of a field, but not on the public highway. For use of speed ramps on a public highway you need to seek installation and approval by the council. However, if the land is your own property, or you have permission from the site manager or property owner you can fit them as you see fit to control the traffic appropriately.

Different Names, Material and Sizes

You may have seen many names being used for speed bumps including but certainly not limited to; sleeping policeman, traffic bump, speed humps, speed humps, speed ramps, speed cushions, rubber ramps, road humps. They are all almost entirely the same thing, often just made by different companies with ever so slightly different material composition.

Our ramps as mentioned above are made from PVC and when compared to rubber we have found our ramps are far more durable, they do not deform or delaminate through continued use.

The different heights of ramp ultimately dictate what speed the traffic passing over the ramp is restricted to, 50mm ramps will generally force most traffic to reduce to 10mph, 75mm bumps will force a reduction to 5mph and are more suited to slowing heavy goods vehicles.

Do I need Signs?

As it is on your own property there are no real “set in stone” guidelines on what signage you need. To warn drivers of your speed bumps, we do however feel it is better to be safe than sorry and use signs. Therefore we provide an extensive range of speed signs and ramp warning signs. Our sings are produced to the same high standard that you would expect public highway signs to be made, ensuring they are easily seen, and stand the test of time.

Still have Some Questions?

Give us a call on our Freephone number 0800 9788 920. Our experienced sales team will be happy to assist you in finding the right traffic calming kit or component for your requirements.

Kit Component List

Run Length Black Inners Yellow Inners Black Ends Yellow Ends Fixings Drill Bits Connectors
3 Metre 2 3 2 0 24 1 12
3.5 Metre 3 3 1 1 28 1 14
4 Metre 3 4 2 0 32 1 16
4.5 Metre 4 4 1 1 36 1 18
5 Metre 4 5 2 0 40 1 20
5.5 Metre 5 5 1 1 44 1 22
6 Metre 5 6 2 0 48 2 24
6.5 Metre 6 6 1 1 52 2 26
7 Metre 6 7 2 0 56 2 28
7.5 Metre 7 7 1 1 60 2 30
8 Metre 7 8 2 0 64 2 32
8.5 Metre 8 8 1 1 68 2 34
9 Metre 8 9 2 0 72 2 36
9.5 Metre 9 9 1 1 76 2 38
10 Metre 9 10 2 0 80 2 40

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