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Rock Salt Spreaders & Grit Spreaders

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Rock Salt Spreaders For Winter Grit Spreading

At Start Safety, we are pleased to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of de-icing products online. From grit bins to rock salt and the spreaders themselves, we have it all. Our spreaders are made by the best brands in the business, ensuring you get dependable service when you need it the most.

We offer all sizes of spreaders, from handheld items suitable for small garden paths and domestic driveways to full-size push-along grit spreaders that can keep factory and workplace car parks and yards free of ice and snow.

Keeping your workplace free of ice and snow is not just a matter of staff members being able to get to work; it is a critical safety issue. If an area is not adequately de-iced, you can find yourself in hot water should someone slip or fall due to the icy conditions. With our range of Salt Gritters, you can ensure you have done everything possible to mitigate slips and falls when the winter sets in.

Quality Cresco Salt And Grit Spreaders

Key Considerations When Buying Your Rock Salt Dispenser For Snow & Ice

Easy To Use Salt Spreader

Ease of Use

Ensure that your chosen spreader is not too complicated to operate. It should be simple to roll out every year when it gets cold without having to spend hours working out how it works.

Salt Spreader Compact Storage


Do you have the space to store a larger grit spreader when it's not in use? Many spreaders will have foldable stands and handles to help with this.

Steep Stone Stairs On Hillside


Do you need to access hard-to-reach areas such as staircases and steps where a trolley won't work? Is the only access through a narrow door or entranceway?

Durable Cresco Spreader


Check that your chosen grit spreader is from a reputable manufacturer, such as Cresco, which has a proven track record of providing quality gritting and spreading solutions.

Quality Rocksalt Grit

Salt Capacity

Make sure you buy a spreader that is big enough for your needs, a spreader that is too small will leave you running for refills constantly.

Salt Spreader With Air-Filled Tire

Wheel Type

Air-filled tyres provide better traction and stability when working on slippery and uneven surfaces.

Stainless Steel Frame On Salt Spreader

Frame Material

High-end machines can feature stainless steel frames, which are more corrosion resistant than mild steel alternatives.

Spreader With Multiple Uses

Multi Use

Many grit spreaders can double as seed and fertilser spreaders in summer months allowing you to cut down on the costs of buying two machines. Look for winter and summer sliders when buying.

Looking For Something Else?

Quality Rocksalt Grit

Need Grit To Spread?

We have a selection of grit available by the bag or by the pallet.

Yellow Grit Bin In Winter

Looking For Grit Bins?

We have heavy-duty grit bins that allow you to store and access your grit quickly and efficiently.

Dub'l-if Snow Scraper

Need A Snow Scraper?

Check our our snow pusher with a steel blade ideal for scraping heavy snow and ice away before gritting.

Still Need Help Finding The Right Spreader?

No problem we are here to help spread the work whenever you need new equipment for your work site, just call our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875 to get fast and free advice and guidance.

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