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GS6 Goalposts, GS6 Kits & GS6 Components

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GS6 Goalpost Components & Kits

When working in and around overhead cables or structures with heavy equipment it is essential to follow the HSE GS6 guidelines. One of the requirements of these guidelines is that machinery and vehicles should avoid coming into contact or even close proximity with overhead power lines.

GS6 goalpost should be placed on either side of power cables at a distance away from cables allowing the posts to act as a warning to drivers, helping them to stop before coming into contact with potential danger. Our GS6 posts can have their height easily adjusted to suit the requirements of different sites and locations.

All our GS6 kits are non-conductive reducing the risk of electrocution should they accidentally make contact with a live electrical cable. For full guidance on how our GS6 goalposts should be set out please be sure to consult the HSE GS6 guidelines.

GS6 Kit

Key Features Of Our GS6 Goalposts

  • Telescopic Poles - ultra-easy to transport and collapse down to a compact form, suitable for transporting in cars and vans with ease.
  • Highly Visible - Supplied in contrasting colours such as red and white, or blue and white making them easy to spot against busy backgrounds.
  • Available With Different Bases - These posts can be supplied with water fillable ballast bases, or with galvanised steel bases that can be ballasted with sandbags. The metal bases can also be bolted down for long term installation.
  • Cantilever Arm Options - For narrow access routes, we have cantilever variants available that require less floor space.
  • Non-conductive - should the worse happen and these posts make contact with overhead eclectic lines they are insulated up to 75kv.
Pole locking Mechanism

Suitable For Preventing Impacts On Overhead Structures

These height restriction barriers are also suitable for use as an early warning system on construction sites where there are overhead obstacles such as road signage, gantries and bridges all of which are vulnerable to impact from tipper trucks and tall vehicles.

Often during resurfacing works or general motorway maintenance many vehicles will be present that exceed the height available under overpasses and other pieces of infrastructure.

By using GS6 goalposts in any application the risk of expensive accidents can be reduced, saving costly repairs to infrastructure and equipment.

GS6 Goalpost Kit Types

Within the range, there are a few different types of GS6 Goalposts to choose from.

Cantilever Kit


Supplied with one upright and a cantilever crossbar, perfect for areas where floor space is limited.

Metro Block GS6 Red Kit

Twin Post

Twin post sets are perfect for open areas, they act as a gateway ensuring vehicles pass through an area that has been checked for height clearances.

Water Filled GS6 Base

Water Filled Base

A hollow plastic base that can be ballasted with either water or sand, easily transported and gives great stability.

Steel GS6 Kit Base

Steel Base

Can be weighted with sandbags, or bolted to a surface through the corners. A great alternative to the water-filled ballast units.

GS6 Kit Rigid Crossbar

Rigid Top Bars

Rigid top bars are the only option available for cantilever sets, they are telescopic and lightweight.

GS6 Kit Bunting

Bunting Top

A budget alternative to rigid top bars, all our twin post kits come with this as standard.

Need Help Finding The Right GS6 Kit?

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