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Access & Manhole Covers For Sale

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Showing 1 to 12 of 12 (1 Pages)

Man Hole Covers

Our range of aesthetically pleasing drain covers and access covers are a great way to enhance a lawn or patio. You can replace ugly cast iron covers with these modern access covers that blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, all whilst still allowing free and easy access to drains for routing maintenance and inspection.

With something for every budget we can confidently supply something for your needs. From our extruded Alusthetic range which feature double or triple seals that are suitable for block paving and tiling over within a patio, through to our Ecogrid and grasstop covers which are perfect for lawns and gravel driveways.

Suitable for areas used by both pedestrians and vehicles many of these covers can accommodate vehicle traffic up to 5 tonnes in weight. With many options available you will easily be able to find something to suit your needs and budget that blends effortlessly into the surrounding areas.

Aluminium Access Cover Installed On Block Paving

Key Applications of Manhole Covers:

Users typically utilise our manhole covers to protect the access points to drainage systems or inspection chambers.

  • On Driveways - Use either the EcoGrid grass and gravel top cover or the Alusthetic options for this application.
  • On Patios - For tiled or paved patios the Alusthetic range of manhole covers is ideal.
  • Lawns - The GrassTop EcoGrid covers come complete with a drainage membrane to ensure the lawn can drain freely.
  • Gravel Paths - The EcoGrid Grass & Gravel cover comes filled with gridding to keep gravel in position.
Different Ground Materials For Different Manhole Covers

Key Types of Manhole Covers:

We stock three types of manhole covers, each with its own unique features and advantages. Each style is available in a range of sizes:

Ecogrid Grasstop Grass Manhole Cover In A Garden

Grasstop Manhole Covers:

Our manufacturers specifically designed these manhole covers for inconveniently placed manholes set in the middle of lawn areas to blend the cover into the rest of the garden or landscape. They feature a fitted membrane with a perforated base that gradually drains excess water through the cover. The structure of these manholes enables the growth of grass within the cover.

Ecogrid Grass & Gravel Drainage Cover On A Gravel Driveway

Grass and Gravel Drainage Cover:

These covers allow you to disguise your drainage cover into its surroundings, such as grass, artificial grass, gravel, or even permeable paving. These covers have the same properties and factory-fitted membrane as the grass top covers, but the recessed cover features a cellular paving grid. This characteristic allows you to fill it with the same aggregate used on the rest of the driveway, patio, pathway, etcetera, perfectly blending the cover into its surroundings.

Alusthetic Aluminium Cover On Block Paving

Alusthetic Aluminium Cover:

This design is ideal for when you require an aesthetically pleasing inspection cover. The recessed top allows you to install grass or block pavers, blending the cover into the surroundings. The covers are available in double and triple-sealed configurations, which work to keep odours locked under the ground, making them particularly good for patios and driveways. The seals are manufactured from 99.9% pure EPDM and are incredibly long-lasting. To improve the structural integrity of the cover once filled, it comes with a reinforcement mesh, increasing the load-bearing capacity.

How To Choose The Right Access Cover?



What Size EcoGrid Alusthetic Manhole Cover Do I Need?

To ensure you are opting for the correct-sized manhole cover for your requirements, please check our dimensions table below:

Opening SizeOpening Depth & Product Code
 21mm (15701)41mm (15702)48mm (15699)61mm (15703)68mm (15700)
150mm x 150mm 15702-1515   
200mm x 200mm 15702-2020   
300mm x 300mm15701-303015702-303015699-303015703-303015700-3030
400mm x 400mm   15703-4040 
450mm x 450mm15701-454515702-454515699-4545 15700-4545
500mm x 500mm   15703-5050 
600mm x 450mm15701-604515702-604515699-6045 15700-6045
600mm x 600mm15701-606015702-606015699-606015703-606015700-6060
700mm x 700mm   15703-7070 
750mm x 600mm 15702-756015699-7560 15700-7560
750mm x 750mm 15702-757515699-7575 15700-7575
800mm x 800mm   15703-8080 
900mm x 600mm 15702-906015699-9060 15700-9060
900mm x 900mm 15702-909015699-909015703-909015700-9090
1000m x 1000mm 15702-100015699-100015703-100015700-1000

Need Some Assistance Choosing a Manhole Cover?

If you are struggling to find the right manhole cover or have any questions about the size or type of cover that would suit your requirements best, please contact us at +44 (0)1905 794875. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to call, email us using our contact form.

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