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Head Protection, 0% VAT For Personal Purchases

Head Protection - PPE That Protects Your Head

In almost all work environments where physical labour is involved, there is the potential for a head injury. Nearly 20% of significant workplace injuries in the UK are to the head, yet the spend on head protection only represents 3% of people's average spend on personal protective equipment (PPE).

With our vast range of head protection, we are confident that you will find the appropriate personal protective equipment for your needs. With safety helmets to protect you from falling or flying objects and bump caps to protect you from scrapes and abrasions, you can be sure your head is adequately protected.

As with most PPE, there are many options to choose from when buying head PPE. Choosing the right type is critical to ensure adequate protection in different situations. For example, someone working in a car garage will need a completely different solution from someone working on a construction site.

Man With Hat

What Types of Head Protection PPE Are There?

There are three commonly used types of head protection. These all work in different ways and are generally not worn simultaneously. Ensuring that you wear the appropriate head protection for work is your employer's responsibility if you are employed.

If you are self-employed, then it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate head protection. In either case, you must wear the protection properly as required. If you require further information, it is worth checking out the guidance on the HSE website https://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/faq-ppe.htm.

Three Different Industrial Safety Helmets

Industrial Safety Helmets

Often referred to as hard hats, they are generally made from hard impact resistant plastics and offer protection against impact from falling, flying or swinging objects.

Our helmets are fitted with an internal harness that helps mitigate any impact.

Worker Doing Maintenance While Wearing A Bump Caps

Bump Caps

Sometimes called “scalp protectors”, they are designed for use in areas where the primary danger is bumping your head against a stationary object.

Hitting your head this way may occur while working in a confined space or underneath vehicles.

Baker Wearing A Hair Net

Hair Restraint

You can wear hair nets and caps to ensure that long hair is not entangled in machinery such as lathes and drill presses. You would typically use hair restraints in manufacturing and processing environments.

Other PPE Not Classified Directly As Head Protection But Is Worn On The Head And Face Includes The Following;

Hearing Protection In Use

Hearing Protection

These include over-ear defenders and ear plugs to help protect the wearer from hearing damage. We have helmets in stock with integral hearing protection.

Man Wearing Eye Protection

Eye Protection

This covers safety spectacles and safety goggles. They come in a range of styles and designs to suit different applications.

Welder Wearing Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

RPE protects the lungs and airways from hazardous dust and vapours. They come in a variety of styles to suit various applications.

Worker Wearing A Face Shield While Drilling

Face Shields

From mesh face shields to clear perspex visors, our range of face protection will keep your face safe from harm. Many of our helmets include face shield options.

People In Hard Hats Pointing Towards Hazards

Where is Head Protection Used?

  • Construction - This is the obvious one, hard hats in this environment are a must. They can offer significant protection from falling objects.
  • Road Maintenance - Road workers face threats such as falling debris from vehicles and therefore require hard hats when on site.
  • Mining - Whilst drilling and blasting procedures are in progress, helmets can offer protection from falling debris.
  • Forestry - Helmets for these applications include ear defenders and face shields.
  • Automotive Assembly - When working under vehicles on a production line, a bump cap is just what is needed.
  • Emergency Services - From bump caps to hard hats, the emergency services have applications for all types of PPE.

Why Do You Need Head Protection?

Wearing appropriate head protection can protect you from many injuries, from fatal or life-altering brain injuries to painful yet otherwise insignificant scuffs and everything in between.

For this reason, many sites will have rules about the types of headwear you can wear. In most instances, this will be a legal requirement. With this in mind, not having the appropriate PPE could cost you a day's work if you cannot enter the site. Fortunately, most work sites should have compliant spares available.

You should strongly consider head protection if; you work in any area with a risk of falling objects such as construction materials or demolition debris. You work around fixed things, such as scaffolding, pipework, tray work or even vehicles on a lift on which you could bump your head and or face

Worker Getting Hit In The Head With A Piece Of Lumber


What To Look For When Buying Head Protection?

  • Does it meet the requirements of the job you are carrying out? - This requirement can differ from role to role.
  • Is it manufactured by a reputable company? - We only supply genuine head protection from well-established and trusted brands.
  • Are you buying it from a reputable outlet? - Beware that there are many fake and imitation helmets out there.
  • Does it stop you from wearing other PPE? - You should still be able to wear ear defenders and safety spectacles.
  • Does it fit properly? - All our hard hats and bump caps feature adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit.

Need Help Finding The Right Head Protection For Your Needs?

If you need help finding the proper head protection for your needs, call our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875! We have all the PPE you need to ensure that your health and safety commitments are met and exceeded.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to take the time to find you the very best solution for your needs and budget, whether you are kitting out a whole workforce or buying a new helmet for yourself.

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