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Forestry Helmets

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Forestry Hard Hats & Arborist Helmets

If you spend most of your day working with a chainsaw in your hand, then you almost certainly need an accompanying forestry hard hat with a face shield and ear defenders. Without this, you leave your face vulnerable to flying debris and your ears open to hearing damage caused by the resonating buzz of the chainsaw.

Our range of forestry helmets comes complete with ear protectors and mesh visors to protect the face and ears. The safety helmet component that protects your head from falling debris is available with or without a chin strap, making it ideal for those working at ground level or up in a tree.

Integrated safety specs are included with many of our tree surgeon hard hats, ensuring that you can protect your eyes from fluid just as aggressively as your face. For those that need it, sun capes and throat guards are available, ensuring every inch of your head is protected.

Tree Surgeon At Work

Key Features To Consider When Buying Your Hard Hat For Tree Work

Arborist Working At Height

Do You Work At Height?

If you are tree climbing and working at height, you need a chin strap on your helmet. A Chin Strap will prevent the helmet from coming off in an accident, even if you are fully inverted. Depending on your working environment, you may need a breakaway chinstrap or an unbreakable strap.

A lightweight helmet will also be beneficial if you do a lot of climbing and working at height.

Tree Surgeon Wearing Ear Defenders

Do You Need Hearing Protectors On Your Forestry Helmet?

The answer to this is almost certainly yes. Ensure any chainsaw helmet you purchase is compatible with or has installed integrated ear muffs. Buying pre-integrated ear protection will ensure you always have adequate hearing protection on you at all times.

Hard Hat Integrated Safety Glasses

Do You Need Integrated Safety Glasses?

Although the mesh visor is excellent at stopping solid objects from hitting the face, it does not prevent liquids or other organic matter, such as decomposing animals and faeces, from striking the eyes. If you do any brush cutting or strimming, then integrated eye protection is something you will want to consider strongly.

Forestry Worker Wearing JSP Evo Neck Cape

Do You Need A Sun Cape?

A sun cape on your helmet does not just protect you from sunburn; it can also help stop sawdust and other debris from making their way down the back of your clothing.

Evoguard Mesh Visor Range

Mesh Visor Types

There are multiple ratings of mesh visors covered within EN1731; mesh visors protect against solid objects flying toward the face. Depending on the helmet model you are looking at, the mesh will be made from different materials, such as stainless steel.

Other PPE In Our Extensive Range To Accompany Your Industrial Helmet.

Worker Wearing A JSP Safety Helmet

All Head Protection

If you are looking for a more general-purpose safety helmet, check out our head protection category, where you will find a range of styles and types, including some of the lightest helmets on the market.

High Quality ATG Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Our range of work gloves will protect you against all types of dangers. We have specialist gloves for working in outdoor environments, in both cold and wet climates.

Sixton Work Boots

Foot Protection

Having a steady footing whilst using a chainsaw is essential; check out the full range of quality footwear in our foot protection category.

Eye Protection Spectacles

Eye Protection

If you choose not to go for integrated eye protection, you will find a full range of stand-alone safety specs in this category.

Respiratory Protection Range


If you are working around dust that is hazardous to breathe, then our range of RPE may be just what you need.

Fall Protection PPE

Fall Protection

For tree surgeons, our range of fall protection equipment goes hand in hand with our range of arborist hard hats.

M3 Forestry Steel Mesh Face Shield

Face Shields

If you are looking for a stand-alone or replacement face shield for your hard hat, then this is where you will find it.

JSP Sonis Ear Defender Range

Ear Defenders

If the buzz of chainsaws and brush cutters has your ears ringing, you will want to look at our hearing protection range.

Has Finding the Right Tree Climbing Hard Hat Got You Climbing a Walnut Tree?

If you're struggling to find the best arborist helmet, our sales team is here to help you. Every job has requirements, and our team will help you find the perfect fit. Call them on +44 (0)1905 794875 today.

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