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Street Furniture

Street Furniture

Adding street furniture to an urban area helps soften the landscape for its users. It provides essential amenities, such as rubbish bins for litter disposal, railings for regulating pedestrian traffic, and security bollards for protecting assets.

Our range of street furniture covers many subcategories, such as pedestrian guardrails, bollards, bike racks, and cycle storage options. Each subcategory has a broad choice of options built for use in many industries, such as parks, schools, commercial buildings and many more.

Modern Wooden City Bench On A Square

Bike Racks, Stands and Storage

As more and more people opt to use bicycles for environmental and economic reasons and as part of cycle-to-work schemes, the demand for high-quality, cost-effective bike solutions has never been higher. We offer an extensive range of cycling storage solutions, including secure racks, shelters, lockers, and stands. To keep your bike dry, we also stock a range of bicycle shelters and compounds.

We supply a wide range of unique products, allowing you to match your cycling solution product both to your user’s requirements and the aesthetics of your surroundings. The designs vary from cost-effective and straightforward to more elaborate, elegant and decorative, giving you flexibility when deciding on a purchase.

Our extensive range allows us to cater to all budgets, space requirements and design specifications. Our customers can install our cycle solution products in all sectors and industries, from existing car parks to pavements and private residences.

Bike Rack Inside A Bike Shelter


We offer a range of bollards to meet various traffic and street requirements. This includes simple steel bollards designed to blend into their environment, more decorative bollards that add to a site’s urban identity, delineating marker posts for contraflow traffic systems, and many more.

Our bollard range comes in various shapes, sizes and materials suited for all scenarios and uses in virtually any industry. A bollard can be a cost-effective, simple way of solving significant issues, such as inappropriate parking around schools and hospitals and protecting expensive assets by forcing passing vehicles to access sites via security points.

Retractable Security Bollards On A Car Park


We offer a diverse range of shelters suitable for any environment, sector, or activity. Our extensive collection includes bus shelters, bin shelters, smoking shelters, covered walkways, bike shelters, ticket machine shelters, and trolley shelters, all designed with modularity in mind, to fit into any environment. These shelters can be easily customised to your specific size and requirements by adding or removing panels. Their versatility makes them applicable in various scenarios; for example, a bike shelter can be adapted for use as an effective smoking shelter, catering to diverse needs.

Visit each shelter category to find our prebuilt shelters, designed by our staff for specific use cases. You can personalise these shelters to your needs using extentions and cladding, or you can over to the shelter accessories category to build your own shelter from scratch.

Our shelters provide protection against the elements, theft, and vandalism, with options to choose based on style and installation location. Depending on your preferences, you can include side or roof cladding to address specific needs while optimising costs.

Open Style Bus Shelter

Pedestrian Guardrails

The products in our range of pedestrian guardrails are designed to enhance and protect public spaces and regulate pedestrian safety. An easy and aesthetic way to control pedestrian traffic, a pedestrian guard rail should be a definite consideration for projects in urban areas or around schools or commercial buildings.

Our range of pedestrian guard rails is vast, offering classic designs, more contemporary options, and specialised railings for use in schools and universities. The guardrails are made using only the highest quality materials, ensuring durability, and all can be made removable with the Lockblock socket system. There is a railing suited to all applications and scenarios within our line.

Pedestrian Guard Rail On A City Street

Information Boards

Our range of information displays is suited to various applications, from displaying information outside churches and public buildings to offices, cultural sites and schools. Dependent on the required look of the board, we supply designs that vary from very modern to more traditional, allowing you to curate your purchase to match the aesthetics of its surroundings perfectly.

For example, displaying tourist information at a cultural site might require a sturdy, more traditional display case that matches the historic nature of the surroundings. A school looking for an information board might benefit from a fun, imaginative display board to brighten up the site. A park could benefit from a hardwood notice display board that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Information Board For A Parish Council

Benches and Picnic Tables

We supply a range of benches designed with comfort in mind. Our wide variety of options ensures you can match your bench to your requirements, whether you want traditional, minimalist seating that blends in with its surroundings or a seat with more contemporary lines that provides a strong identity for your area.

The range offers product options in steel and wood materials, adapting to any colour scheme and durability requirements. The line extends to colourful products specifically for children's use, such as in nurseries, schools and playgrounds. The line also incorporates a selection of picnic tables, an essential component in creating a comfortable public area or even for use in a private garden.

Picnic Table Near The Sea

Rubbish Bins

A vital element of any public area, a rubbish bin is a cost-effective way of ensuring a public space remains clean and tidy for its users. The options in our extensive range of rubbish bins suit almost any application, with designs varying from more traditional to more modern in various materials and colours.

With differing sizes and litre capacity, our extensive range of products ensures you can find the best bin suited to your needs.

Modern Style Rubbish Bin

Planter Boxes

A planter box is a picturesque and straightforward way of upgrading your public space to include an element of greenery. We supply various designs made from many materials, including oak panelling and galvanised steel, to ensure an option for almost any application.

Many of the planter boxes in our line offer customisable top caps, allowing you to coordinate your planter with any other street furniture featured in your area.

Planter Boxes Near A Church

Child Playing Near Street Furniture Designed For Kids

Street Furniture for Children

Our huge range of street furniture is also available in styles designed for children and toddlers. Boasting bright, vibrant colours, friendly illustrations and available in different sizes for the diverse heights of schoolchildren, our range stimulates and improves outdoor play for kids of all ages.

Perfect for installation in both private and public spaces, our playground equipment looks great in places from public parks and leisure centres to school playgrounds and nurseries. Our range of outdoor furniture for kids includes barriers and railings, benches and rubbish bins, as well as a host of other street furniture items - all designed and developed with childrens’ needs in mind.

Need Help Find The Right Street Furniture?

If you have any questions about our range of street furniture, cycle parking or bollards, you can reach our friendly and knowledgeable sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875 during normal business hours. They will be happy to assist you finding the right product.

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