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Security Mirrors For Retail & Security Check Points

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Security Mirrors

Our selection of security mirrors are a vital part of our mirror range. A security mirrors' main function is to assist with surveillance and can be used in shops and even prisons, to reduce the risk of theft or incidents. The mirrors aid in reducing the risk of stealing or unwanted occurrences by allowing security to monitor unmanned areas, even from a distance, maximising the safety and security in the site.

The presence of a security mirror is a simple and effective way to deter retail theft. The mirrors also allow security to monitor high-risk areas without needing to man them constantly. Additionally, the mirrors can be used outside of protective measures to monitor busy sites such as reception areas, aisles and corridors, increasing the visibility of the space for users.

Most of our selection of security mirrors are manufactured without a frame, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. We offer a wide range of domed mirrors, covering 90° and 360° convexities, which allow for 2-direction and 4-direction angles of vision. Installation is quick and easy, making the security mirrors a cost-effective and desirable security measure for the user to survey the desired area.

panoramic mirror in supermarket

Security mirror in shopping centre

When to use a Security Mirror

To avoid theft or unwanted incidents, security mirrors should be used in retail or high-risk areas, such as prisons. Areas that might benefit from a security mirror include (but are not limited to):

  • Reception areas
  • Entrance and exit doors
  • Areas stocking merchandise
  • Corridors and aisles
  • Areas behind shelving
  • Checkout counters
  • Blind spots
  • Stairwells

Key Features of Security Mirrors:

Our security mirrors are all economically viable, easy to install and produce high-quality, clear images.

Large Format Mirror

Standard and large format mirrors - these mirrors do not have a frame and as a result, blend effortlessly into their surroundings without drawing attention, and allow for a 90° angle of vision. Their polymir optics make these mirrors unbreakable.

Hemispheric Mirror in Situ

Hemispheric mirrors ½ sphere - offers a 360° angle of vision for surveillance of 4 different directions. Due to its smaller size this option is perfect for restaurants, shops etc., that require panoramic surveillance.

⅛ sphere mirrors

⅛ sphere mirrors - this option fits snugly into corners, offering a 90° angle of vision. Offers surveillance in otherwise hard-to-monitor areas to prevent disturbances.

Detective Oval Mirror

Acrylic Mirrors - Our Detective Oval Mirror offers a shock resisant and durable reflective surface.

Factors to consider when installing a security mirror:

Detective compact mirror

They are convex security mirrors, which means the reflective surface of the mirror is curved. This feature creates a wide angle of reflective surface, offering a larger field of view to the standard flat mirror. The convexity of the mirror establishes how many directions a user of the mirror can survey. This should be a primary consideration during the installation of a security mirror. Additionally, our security mirrors’ optics and installation methods differ, which are also factors to be considered before purchase.

POLYMIR optics - our standard and large format surveillance mirrors are unbreakable with the additional bonnus of having a premier, precise image. The anti-UV treatment on these mirrors ensures their longevity.

Stainless steel - our stainless steel security mirrors boast scratch resistant mirror faces and are ideal for areas prone to vandalism.

PMMA optics - our hemispeheric mirror options are noti unbreakable, but offer a clear and first-rate image.

Chain installation - ½ mirrors require chaining to the ceiling to achieve their 360° field of vision.

Wall mounting - ⅛ mirrors are wall mounted to achieve survellance in inaccessible corners.

Hand-held mirror - our inspection mirror option improves visibility by offering visual access into out-of-the-way areas.

Other Mirrors In Our Range

Traffic Mirrors

Traffic and Road Mirrors

These are designed to prevent road accidents by providing optimum visibility at high-risk locations.

Warehouse and Industrial mirrors

Warehouse and Industrial Mirrors

These reduce the likelihood of collisions in industrial sites

Driveway mirrors

Driveway Mirrors

These are a specialised selection of road and traffic mirrors

Anti-vandal mirrors

Anti-vandal Mirrors

These vandalism-resistant mirrors made of stainless steel to avoid tampering.

Inspection mirrors

Inspection Mirrors

These can be used to reach and observe hard-to-reach areas/ machinery parts.

Our security mirrors are a great way to reduce the incident of theft or unwanted disturbance in your retail or high-risk site. To ensure the continued well-ordered running of your location, consider maximising your security arsenal with our range of security bollards and barrier systems.

Need Help Finding the Right Warehouse or Industrial Safety Mirror?

If you are still looking for your ideal security mirror, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a large selection of mirrors to choose from, with highly specialised mirrors to match specific requirements. If you are unsure which security mirror will suit your needs best, call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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