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Cycle Parking & Secure Bike Storage Solutions For All Venues

Cycle Parking & Secure Bike Storage

As part of our portfolio of street furniture, we offer high-quality bike parking solutions. This range includes products such as bike racks, bike stands, cycle shelters and scooter parking. All of our cycle storage systems are designed to last, and are built with quality materials.

We offer products from a range of manufacturers allowing us to cater to all budgets, space requirements and design specifications. You will find our bicycle storage solutions installed in all sectors and industries.

Whether you are looking for a compact bike rack to install at home, or a large cycle shelter to keep bikes dry at work, we have what you need.

Hi-hoop Bike Rack

Bike Racks & Bike Stands

The most common forms of bicycle parking are bike stands and bike racks. These are used to not only keep bikes from falling over but to give cyclists somewhere secure to lock their bike.

The Difference Between Bike Racks And Bike Stands Is Simple;

  • Bike Stands - These are free standing and normally support a maximum of two cycles. They use the frame as the primary locking point of the cycle. Some cycle stands such as the Providence Duo does have wheel hoops as well.
  • Bike Racks - Racks are bike storage systems that use the wheel of the bike to keep the cycle upright. They are often suitable for storing more than two cycles. Many of the racks we provide are modular and can store a large number of cycles.

Which system you need will depend on the space you have available, the number of cycles you need to store. Stands Can in some circumstances offer greater security as you can lock both the frame and wheels in many instances.

Province Crescent Bike Rack Installed

Bike Shelters & Compounds

Bike storage shelters are great for keeping bikes out of the elements when they are locked to a rack or stand. Some of our shelters such as the Moonshape Shelter even have integral racks built into them.

Shelters that do not have integral racks can be used alongside bike security rails, bike stands or racks so long as they fit the width of the stand and offer appropriate access.

Bike storage compounds, sometimes called bike storage sheds offer secure storage which is generally locked. These are perfect for workplaces or schools, where cycles only require access during certain times of the day.

Bike Shelter Installed

Where Are Bicycle Stores Used?

Bike storage systems are used wherever there are cyclists who need to store the bikes. This may be at an apartment complex, a workplace, transport hub such as a train station or even at home.

Many car parks are now converting spaces for bike storage, to facilitate cycle to work schemes. Providing secure bike storage for commuters can lessen the car traffic in the area and improve air quality.

Bike stands are perfect for installation on wider sections of pavement and are commonly seen outside shops on city streets in large towns and cities such as central London. They allow cyclists to quickly hitch their bike up whilst popping into shops for essential supplies.

Things To Consider When Buying Your Bike Storage System

There are three main points to consider when purchasing your bike storage system these include;

  • How many cycles do you need to store? - This is critical, as it is important to ensure you have enough cycle storage capacity otherwise you may find people choose not to cycle to work for fear of having nowhere safe to secure their bike.
  • How much floor space do you have to work with? - You will, of course, need to ensure that the chosen bike storage system fits into the space you have free. Some storage systems can hold more bikes than others in a smaller space, such as two-tier or High-Low designs.
  • How secure does the storage system need to be? Preventing the theft of cycles is a major part of bike storage. Having more points that cyclists can lock and secure their bike against.

Having these simple elements in mind when selecting a bike storage system will ensure you get the best value for money and achieve the best results.

Installation Options


  • Bolt Down - As the name suggests these systems can be bolted down with ground anchors to secure them to an existing surface. If you are looking to install a rack onto an existing concrete or tarmac area this may be the best option.
  • Wall Mounted - These are great for where space is limited and there is an appropriate wall available to fix onto.
  • Cast In - This gives a cleaner appearance with no visible fixings, but does involve more groundwork to be done before installation. Foundations need to be excavated and then the legs of the system cast into place.
Adjustable Wall Mounted Cycle Parking

Too Much Information To Take in?

Phone today and speak to our sales team, they will be more than happy to discuss your cycle storage requirements with you. We will ensure you get a high quality, long lasting product that fits your budget. Our sales team are available during office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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