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Benches & Picnic Tables

Outdoor Benches For Private and Public Spaces

In the context of urban infrastructure, we are proud to boast one of the largest and most compelling ranges of high-quality outdoor benches for sale from a single supplier in the UK. We at Start Safety are pleased to provide durable seating solutions for a huge number of different environments, situations and conditions - with the possibility to adapt and personalise your choice!

Whether you’re looking for unique, modern seat designs with abstract forms or for traditional park bench designs with wooden bench slats and cast iron frames, our quality collection will satisfy your needs. A huge number of style and colour combinations, coupled with materials to suit every situation, make for a truly personalised final product that will fit seamlessly into its environment.

Our benches are suitable for use in a wide range of private and public outdoor areas.

Seat Bench and Picnic Table

Which Bench Is For Me?

Seat Bench With Back

Seat Benches

A seat bench is a comfortable, weatherproof outdoor seating option with a backrest for additional back support and comfort. These are often used as memorial benches in public spaces.

Backless Bench

Backless Benches

Backless benches are similar to seat benches but are designed without a backrest and, so, fit well into any outdoor space. They can be approached and sat on from any direction.

Picnic Bench and Table

Picnic Benches

A sturdy table and bench set designed for people to gather, eat, and socialise in public spaces like parks, gardens, or picnic areas. Users can sit around both sides of the table. Many of our picnic tables are available in a wheelchair-accessible version (which extends the table to allow for wheelchair access).

Leaning Bench

Perch benches

A compact outdoor seating option, usually characterised by its narrow design and elevated, slanted seat, perch benches offer a comfortable spot for people to rest or observe their surroundings without sitting down. Perch benches are often made to accompany other products, such as smoking shelters or bus shelters.

Colours Of Our Bench Range

Our range of benches come in a range of styles to compliment your open space. Give us a call if you want a particular RAL colour, or choose from our range of standard colours.

What Materials Are Commonly Used To Make Benches?

Benches are available in a variety of different materials in order to respond to different environments and needs: Iron allows for long-term durability, while steel benches provide the strongest rust and scratch protection for the longest term. Wood is more aesthetically pleasing, and recycled plastic promotes environmental sustainability. Stone benches offer a long-lasting aesthetic alternative to these more mainstream bench styles.

Most of our range of outdoor seating can be upgraded to a Galvanised Steel finish, which can be painted from a selection of standard colours (or give us a call for a RAL colour of your choice). We would recommend upgrading your bench seating to the stainless steel finish if it’s to be installed in a high-density area or an area with high air salinity (like coastal towns).

A large selection of our benches are also modular, which means that they can either be installed end to end for one continuous bench, or they can be installed with other benches from the same collection for a truly personalised, iconic and stylish finish - such as the Kube Relaxation Space.

Wood and Steel Seat Bench

Material Considerations

Each material we use responds differently to environments and use cases. The table below summarises how each material should be expected to behave in different conditions in comparison to each other.

 MetalWoodRecycled Plastic
DesignCustomisable different stylesNatural aestheticLimited
MaintenanceVery lowPeriodic staining and sealing neededVery low
DurabilityVery highHigh with maintenanceVery high
CostHigh initial costLow initial cost (needs maintenance)High initial cost
Temperature SensitivityVery sensitive. Warms up in the heat and cools down in the coldWood does not become hot or cold - it remains consistent throughout the yearMedium
Environmental SustainabilityLowMediumVery high

Other Bench Styles In Our Range

Our range of benches are a great way to improve the look and feel of a pedestrian zone, adding functionality to an otherwise boring shared space.

Consider pairing a bench with other items from our range of street furniture, such as Bins, Bike and smoking shelters, Information Boards

Picnic Bench and Table Made From Recycled Plastic

Environmentally Conscious?

Choose from our selection of benches manufactured by Procity, all with a more eco-friendly option, helping to maintain a carbon-neutral footprint.

Junior Bench in Primary Colours

Want A Smaller Bench Designed For Your School Students?

Coloured in bright, vibrant primary colours, our Junior Selection of picnic and garden benches are perfect for stimulating young minds.

Circular Tree Bench To Fit Around a Tree

Looking For A Bench That Can Fit Around A Tree?

Our selection of tree benches ranges from just 1 m in diameter to a hefty 2m - which will encircle practically any British tree!

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bench

There are three main points to consider when buying and installing a bench:

  • Style & Size - what type of bench would be the most pertinent for the space in which it'll be installed?
  • Material - What environment will the bench be in, and how often will it be used?
  • Installation - What installation type would be the best for the environment in which it’ll be installed

If you need a hand, contact a member of our friendly team for a chat about your options.

Modular Seat Bench Set in a Row

Designing Your Open Space

Passers-by will spend longer periods of time around benches than other street furniture items, so it is important to think about the view and lighting (during different peak times of the day and night) when installing your bench.

Outdoor benches not only improve the area's visual charm but also entice individuals to linger, interact, and engage more with their environment than they otherwise would have. This is why it is important to pair your benches with other items of street furniture, such as bins, notice boards and cycle parking.

Bench With Back With Street Furniture Set

Installation Options

Benches are available in bolt-down or concrete-in versions.

Seat Bench Being Bolted into the Ground

Bolt down

These systems are bolted directly into the ground using bolts and often into base plates.

This installation method is perfect for areas with an existing hard surface (preferably a material similar to concrete) that can be directly bolted in to.

This method of installation also allows the bench to be easily uninstalled if needed. This can be for any reason from repairs to remodelling to replacement; this installation option allows for more versatility in your space.

A Bench That has Been Installed Using Cemented

Concrete in

A small trench is dug, allowing for the legs to be concreted (or “cast”) directly into the ground. Individual holes can also be dug for each leg if they're not connected by stabilising bars. This method is great for installation in areas with softer ground, in situations where you know the bench won't need to be moved within its lifetime, or in areas that require the bench to be affixed to the ground for long periods of time.

When concreting into a soft surface, sometimes it may be more visually appealing to leave some space on top of the concrete to add a layer of the original material. This can create visual coherence as there aren’t large concrete patches in your green space.

Need help with installation? Give our team a call now to discuss and arrange installation.

Need Help Finding The Perfect Bench For Your Outdoor Space?

If you’re still looking for a specific style, colour or material of bench or have any questions regarding our range, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Our friendly team has the knowledge and experience to find and recommend the best bench or street furniture for you based on your diverse needs.

We are very proud of our customer service, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today on +44 (0)1905 794875 !

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