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Tree Benches

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Circular Benches to go Around Trees

Circular Tree Benches, often referred to as "wraparound benches" or "Tree Benches" due to their installation locations and use case, provide a distinctive seating solution designed to encircle the base of a tree. This niche type of street furniture offers a range of advantages, including enhanced comfort and shade. Notably, these tree loop benches are cost-effective, providing excellent value for money as they can accommodate a significantly larger number of users compared to their conventional counterpart benches with backrests.

High Quality Durable Circular Tree Bench Positioned Around A Tree Base

Massive Circular Wraparound Bench in Park

These versatile benches aren't limited to installation around trees; they can also be strategically placed in various locations, such as car parks, to delineate restricted areas or around flowerbeds.

Ring benches are also offered in shapes that don't necessarily encircle the tree entirely, including semi-circular, hexagonal, or octagonal arrangements. Their adaptability makes them a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to most outdoor spaces. They are typically placed in proximity to other types of benches to provide a range of seating options.

Factors To Consider When Installing a Tree Bench

Wooden Circular Bench Close Up Modular Slats


Different tree benches come with varying designs and features, each more or less pertinent depending on your specific use case. Examples include two semi-circular benches with a gap in between or single benches installed in a circular fashion, offering a classic and practical seating solution.

This versatility in design allows you to choose the tree loop bench that best suits your space and requirements.


Tree loop benches represent an efficient use of space and serve as tree protection, making them an ideal seating option for areas with limited free space. These benches naturally provide shade, coupled with stunning views, enhancing the overall appeal of the outdoor space. With their circular design, they offer access from every direction, creating a welcoming environment for users.

Wooden Tree Bench Protecting Tree in Urban Environment


In addition to functioning as a comfortable tree seat, these circular tree benches also serve a protective role for the tree's trunk. Beyond their functionality, tree benches serve a dual purpose by protecting trees from wear and tear as well as potential interactions with pets and other urban or even wild animals.

Wooden Circular Tree Bench Positioned Under Tree needing Frequent Maintenance


It must be noted that tree seats and benches require a minimum of seasonal maintenance depending on the time of year, as leaves and bark are shed from the tree and are deposited around the base of the tree, the bench and along its roots. In this situation, the material of the bench is important, as different materials interact with mulch in distinct ways.

Small Circular Tree bench positioned Too Tightly Around Tree Base

Tree Health

Encircling trees with certain structures can potentially harm them. Problems like insufficient airflow, poor water drainage, or damage to the bark may adversely affect the tree's overall health.

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