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Benches with Backrests

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Benches with Backrests for Outdoor Spaces

Seat benches (sometimes known as park benches or public benches) provide users with back support and improved comfort thanks to their backrests. They are often used as memorial benches and are usually designed for outdoor seating in public areas like schools and parks. They might also be installed indoors in common waiting areas such as train stations, city councils and libraries.

Seat benches provide a comfortable place to rest, socialise or simply enjoy the area’s surroundings, making them ideal for most public spaces. They are extremely high quality and heavy-duty, designed with the durability to withstand frequent use and adverse weather conditions. This means our benches don’t need to be maintained and will remain reasonably clean over their lifetime. Parks, gardens, shopping centres, and most open space areas can all benefit from having park benches installed. Benches in outdoor areas visually enhance the space while providing passers-by with an amenity that will increase their likelihood of staying in the area and interacting with other parts of their surroundings.

Bench seating is often seen along public footpaths and in town centres, as it provides a convenient and welcoming resting place for pedestrians.

Our seat benches are also perfect for use in private environments like gardens and patios. They come in various styles and materials, with traditional wooden benches like our Lublin Bench being popular because of its natural aesthetic and sturdiness.

Wooden Bench and Backrest With Steel Frame

Key Features of Benches with Backrests

  • Our benches are made from a durable iron or steel frame (finished and painted per choice), coupled with a strong, aesthetic seat and backrest. These provide support and comfort for users and can be made from various materials: steel, wood and recycled plastic.
  • Each material provides differing levels of resistance to rust and wear and tear. Iron is a robust, anti-rust and scratch-proof material, available at more affordable prices. Stainless steel benches boast the strongest rust and scratch protection, lasting a much longer term than our other materials, but our galvanised steel selection comes in a very close second (and can be painted, too). The wooden and recycled plastic finishes are the least durable, however they have a more traditional aesthetic and the least impact on the environment.
  • Our benches are all durable enough to be used in public spaces of high footfall, but we recommend using one of our steel finishes if the bench is installed near a beach or in an area of high salinity.
Steel and Wood Personalised Bench With Wooden And Steel Backrest

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Key Factors To Consider when Choosing a Seat Bench

Whether made from wood, metal or recycled plastics, full-backed benches are a central element of urban landscapes, providing conveniently placed seating options for passers-by and allowing them to take a break to enjoy the scenery. They will then be more likely to stay in the area and engage with other elements in their environment (using bins, interacting with stores, etc.).

Collection Of Full Steel Modular Seat Benches Next To Road

How Many Benches Do I Need?

The location of the bench and what people may be doing as they walk through the area greatly impact the amount of use a bench will get. Areas of high foot traffic, with space to stop and beautiful views, get the highest use and would require a larger amount of more durable benches.

Bench With A Backrest Under Tree With Sun

Where Should I Have My Bench Installed?

Boasting a backrest, passers-by are likely to spend longer sitting on a seat bench than one of our other bench types. Consider the lighting direction at peak usage times (day and night) to ensure users get optimal use and pleasant time whilst sitting.

Wooden Seat Bench With Backrest and Steel Frame With Other Items From Its Collection

What Style Of Bench Should I Choose?

Although all our benches are visually appealing, some styles and designs will look better in certain areas. Furniture collections allow for a coherent aesthetic around your open space, allowing pairing with bins, bus shelters and other items of street furniture. Mix and match from our huge range of street furniture and park benches for sale!

Seat Bench With a Backrest Being Installed In Park Bolted Into The Floor


Installation Method - Depending on your choice, some benches must be bolted down (often using a metal base plate), whereas others require a trench to be dug to be concreted in. Bolt down benches aren’t well suited to softer flooring, and concrete in benches can be less visually attractive. Please consider the best option for your situation.

Recycled Plastic Bench With Backrest and Recycle Logo


Environmental impact - Although our benches are all designed to be extremely durable and weather resistant, some materials impact the environment more than others through their creation process. You can choose our brown recycled plastic benches for the most eco-friendly option.

STeel and Wooden Bench With Angled Backrest Overlooking River


Space - Seat benches often have angled backs, allowing for a more comfortable experience for the public. This being said, this needs to be addressed upon installation as some extra space must be made for this

Give Us A Call For More Information

Choosing the right bench for your outdoor space involves careful consideration of its features, the environment in which you want to install it, as well as your specific wants and needs.

Our experienced team can provide expert guidance and assistance in choosing the perfect bench for your space, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Call us now on +44 (0)1905 794875 if you want more information or if you need help making your choice - we won’t be beaten on customer satisfaction!

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