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Post & Rope Barriers

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Rope Barriers

Rope barriers are a great alternative to other retractable barrier systems. They can be used in almost any venue without appearing out of place. Our rope barriers are made by one of the worlds leading rope barrier suppliers ensuring that you get a great quality product.

We purchase our barrier posts and ropes in bulk ensuring that we can offer great pricing, and fast delivery times, with most of our rope barriers arriving the next working day!

We carry one of the largest selections of rope barriers for sale in the UK, including various post formats, colours, rope finishes and colours.

Rope Barriers set-up

A Very Versatile Barrier Type

Rope barriers are very versatile, they can be quickly reconfigured if circumstances change providing longer or shorter queue capacity.

They can be used at events to put around priceless cars or displays to keep passers-by out of touching distance or used in a bank to ensure that customers form an orderly queue. Churches often use rope barriers to keep visitors from wandering into off-limit areas.

One of the best things about rope barriers is that you can buy one set of posts and buy alternative ropes that can be changed for an event. For example, you may normally have black ropes in your hotel lobby, but for a red carpet event, you could switch to red ropes for that “glitzy” appearance.

Rope barriers setup in a casino

Options Available On Our Rope Barriers For Sale

Within the range that we sell you can choose from various options to fine tune the barriers you need to best suit your needs.

2 rope lengths available

Rope Length

Choose from various lengths of ropes, with custom lengths available for bulk orders. For fast dispatch, we keep 1.8m and 2.4m lengths on the shelf.

Various rope colours are available

Rope Colours

Blue, black, red, and gold ropes are available to buy online and much more available to order.

Different rope tyes

Rope Types

We can supply velvet ropes or braided ropes, so you can choose a nice red velvet rope or a gold braided one, go with whatever your imagination dictates!

Clasp ends are available in polished Brass or Chrome

Rope Clasps

These are available in two finishes, polished brass and polished chrome, both can work in almost any situation, but you can choose whichever you prefer.

Rope Post Options

We can supply our Rope Barrier posts in various finishes and with different finials to suit your desired appearance.

Top design options

Top Design

Flat top - Suitable for a sleek look, great in banks and modern environments.

Ball Top - More decorative, and great in churches and more decorative areas.

Crown top - If you need to mount a sign to the top of the post but want something more decorative than a flat top, this may be the best choice for you.

Post colour options, Polished Brass or Chrome

Post Colour

Choose from Polished Brass or Polished Chrome, these will match perfectly to the colour of your clasps on the rope ends.

Wall Receiver hoops

Wall Clips

Don't need posts? That's fine, we have wall clips too! You can put these simple hoops onto the wall and clip your ropes into them, ideal for areas with little floor space or across doorways.

Still not seeing what you needed?

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