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PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (commonly known as PPE) has rapidly become a key part of working in a huge range of industries. With the PPE category covering many subcategories such as head protection, face protection, safety gloves and safety footwear, it is a category that on the surface seems straightforward but really is quite in-depth.

In some industries, PPE is a legal requirement to protect the health and safety of workers and visitors. On building sites, a Hard Hat, Safety Boots and Safety Gloves are mandatory to enter the site whilst eyewear, ear protection and face protection may also be required depending on site-specific tasks. Although you may not be working on a commercial site, PPE is still a key part of safe working, landscapers may require protective gloves and face protection when carrying out tasks such as strimming or cutting whilst a carpenter would require adequate ear protection and eyewear.

Personal protective equipment can be vital to protect yourself and others in the work environment. There are many different types of PPE which protect against different dangers or have different levels of protection, from disposable face masks to full-face respirator masks, bump caps to safety helmets, we have the right protective equipment for you.

Range of PPE products

Eye Protection Example

Eye Protection

Our sight is precious to all of us, so it's imperative we keep our eyes protected. We have a range of Safety Glasses with a variety of protective grades and Safety Goggles for protection of the eyes from all angles. From eyewear with impact protection to almost unbreakable frames, there is a vast choice of safety glasses and goggles whatever the application.

The types of goggles and glasses do not stop there, there are also tinted glasses for outdoor working with added UV protection, glasses which fit over spectacles for those who require their glasses at all times and ski-goggles style eye protection with ventilation to reduce the chances of misting which could cause an accident.

Face Protection

Face protection can be undertaken on a variety of levels, from low-level disposable infection control masks that cover your nose and mouth to polycarbonate face shields that cover the entirety of the face. The face shields and visors we have in our range have a multitude of features; from Anti-scratch to impact protection, shields protective to molten metals to shields compatible with hard hats, the face shields available from us are very safe and very diverse.

It's also possible to buy face shields to attach to your headwear, as long as your hard hat has compatible connectors, selected models in our face shield range can be attached to your hard hat giving you the optional protection when it is required.

Face Protection Example

Work Boot Range

Safety Boots

Safety Footwear can be essential and in some cases is mandatory for working in certain environments. For a piece of footwear to class as ‘safety footwear,’ it must have a protective toe cap capable of resisting an impact of 200J.

Our safety footwear is available in a variety of styles and silhouettes for a range of applications, from working on docks or extreme weather conditions to working in domestic environments with low level risks, our safety boots, safety shoes and safety trainers will keep your feet protected and in some cases improve posture and reduce fatigue.

Notable industries for safety footwear are; Dockworking, Wind farming, Mining, Carpentry, Engineering, Agriculture and more, its safe to say in a wide range of industries, Safety boots are and can be required in order to carry out works in a safe manner.

Note: Work Boots (any footwear which sits above the ankle) do not require VAT to be paid by any person buying them for personal use.

Work Gloves

As we use our hands every day for almost anything we do, it's important that we protect them from the dangers of the workplace. We have an amazing range of safety gloves that have the highest standards of quality. We have gloves for all applications from general handling to cut resistant gloves with enhanced grip for oily & wet environments.

Unlike most safety gloves on the market, our gloves are extremely durable and most are machine washable allowing them to stand the test of time and last longer than the competition.

Work Gloves

Head Protection

Head Protection

Head protection is a very important piece of PPE, they are the main way to avoid head injuries which could prove to be life changing should the worst happen. Hard hats are required on any construction site, usually for safe working in areas where items are being lifted or when working at height to ensure the safety of anyone in the vicinity. Our head protection is available in a range of styles; we have bump caps & hard hats, with or without chin straps, with or without ear defenders and even with face shields if necessary.

For those working on construction sites, it might be worth checking with the site you will be working on whether it is in accordance with their protective guidelines before purchasing the best looking or most stylish item of head protection. A lot of construction sites do not allow bump caps to be worn instead of a hard hat despite them being protective of the head.

Note: Like safety boots, Head protection (hard hats & bump caps) is also 0% VAT applicable.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is used to reduce noise levels in an area where noise pollution is heavy. Our ear protection is available in over-ear styles for maximum protection in loud environments or disposable ear plugs which sit in the ear canals which still offer great levels of protection and when working for long periods of time may be more comfortable than the ear defenders.

Ear plugs can also work with a hard hat which wouldn't be possible with ear defenders unless the hard hat had fitted ear defenders as standard. This gives you more flexibility in your choice of PPE and less commitment to one type of & ear head protection.

Ear Protection

Dust Masks And Respirators Example

Dust Masks & Respirators

When working in environments where dust levels may be high or there are harmful substances in the air, you may require a dust mask or respirator to safely carry out work in that area. We have dust masks with a variety of protective grades which will depend on the environment they will be used in. From disposable masks or masks with replaceable filters, whatever the application we will have the mask you require.

When selecting your face mask, it's important you select one which is sure to keep you protected from the risks you will encounter, for example; buying an FFP1 rated face mask to work in an environment where asbestos is present will result in you being unprotected from such dangers. If you want more information on this, dive into the Dust Mask & Respirator category for more information.


Workwear covers a wide range of products from your standard hi-vis vest to work jackets. If you require additional pockets on your trousers for your screwdrivers, hammer & tape measure, then a pair of work trousers with multiple pockets, knee pads and tool holders may be what you need. For more task-specific workwear such as painting or chemical handling, you may need a set of overalls with spill protective materials.

We also have accessories available to add to your current workwear, for example; If you already have your favourite pair of work trousers, but need some new knee protection when working low to the ground cutting skirting boards or fitting underfloor pipework, we have that too! We have knee pad inserts that fit into your trousers or over trouser knee pads with elasticated straps for temporary use.

Work Wear Examples On Rail

Still need help selecting your PPE?

If you still feel like you need help selecting the perfect PPE for you, our knowledgeable sales team is here to help. Call them on +44 (0)1905 794875, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. They will be more than happy to help you select the equipment you need.

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