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Anti-Vandal Mirrors For High Risk Areas

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Anti-Vandal Mirrors

Our anti-vandal mirrors are a specialised part of our security mirror range. These stainless steel and acrylic mirrors are explicitly made for high-risk areas, such as courts, prisons and military bases, to deter criminal activity.

Our anti-vandal mirrors are manufactured with specialised features that make tampering with, destroying or defacing the mirror very difficult. They are also convex, so they can be installed strategically and widen the user’s field of vision to increase feelings of safety and security in concealed or infrequently accessed areas.

Our range of anti-vandal mirrors offers a clear and precise reflection with stainless steel and acrylic faces, which are more robust and safer than glass. Anti-vandal mirrors should definitely be a consideration if you are looking for a cost-effective and easily installable method to safeguard your site. The mirrors in our anti-vandal range are all suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Mirror installed in Prison

Anti-vandal mirror options

When to use an Anti-vandal Mirror

Various sites may benefit from the installation of vandal-resistant mirrors. Locations that may benefit from the installation of an anti-vandal mirror include but are not limited to:

  • Prison cells/ corridors
  • Secluded areas (such as underpasses or train stations)
  • Blind spots
  • Military bases
  • Hospitals

Key features of our anti-vandal mirrors

Several features on these anti-vandal mirrors make them suitable for deterring criminal activity whilst simultaneously making the unit incredibly hard to tamper with.

Stainless steel face - some of our anti-vandal mirrors are manufactured from highly polished stainless steel, making the mirrors virtually indestructible and highly resistant to the elements.

Acrylic face - the mirrors in our anti-vandal range that aren’t stainless steel are made of resilient acrylic. A safer alternative to glass, these mirror faces can withstand collisions or bangs well, making them the ideal choice for areas where safety is a concern and avoiding shattered glass is a priority.

Internal and external use - Users can install our anti-vandal mirrors indoors and outdoors.

Convex anti–vandal Mirrors - are ideal for sites that are not permanently supervised by staff or cameras; these mirrors give pedestrians a sense of safety and security as they allow them to look into secluded areas before entering.

Head screws - these screws secure the mask to the wall/ ceiling and make theft or tampering very unlikely. The screw secures the mirror very tightly, preventing the storing of contraband behind it (in the case of prisons).

Anti-ligature and anti-flammable - our anti-vandal mirrors are carefully manufactured to ensure that producing weaponry from or setting fire to any part of the mirror is virtually impossible.

Factors to consider when Installing an anti-vandal Mirror

security fixing type on anti-vandal mirror

The mirrors in our anti-vandal range are either acrylic or stainless steel. Both materials produce durable and high-quality mirrors. Acrylic mirrors are slightly lighterand can be curved or bent without the reflective surface breaking. Stainless steel is highly durable and will not rust or discolur, but is slightly heavier than the acrylic alternative.

Other Mirrors in our Range:

Traffic and Road mirrors

Traffic and Road Mirrors

these are designed to prevent road traffic collisions by providing maximum visibility at high-risk locations.

Warehouse and Industrial mirrors

Warehouse and Industrial Mirrors

mirrors manufactured to ensure the fluid motion of vehicles and pedestrians.

Inspection mirror in factory

Inspection Mirrors

security mirrors specialsed for looking under vehicles, transport seating etc.

Driveway Mirror

Driveway Mirrors

These mirrors assist with exiting driveways on blind bends.

Security Mirrors

Security Mirrors

Mirrors designed with the aim of protecting against theft or unwelcome disturbances in sites such as shops and prisons (amongst others).

Flat workplace Mirrors

Flat Mirrors

Flat mirrors that are stronger than glass, with shatter-proof and anti-scatch properties.

Need help finding the right Anti-vandal Mirror?

If you are still struggling to find the right anti-vandal mirror for you please contact our helpful sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875, who will help point you in the right direction.

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