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Floor Marking Tape & Line Marking Systems

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Showing 1 to 46 of 46 (1 Pages)

Floor Marking Tape & Line Marking Tape

Floor tape is used in a multitude of settings to improve safety and ensure that large areas are zoned appropriately. Without clear and easy to understand markings almost any workplace will descend into chaos.

Our self-adhesive tape is colour coded allowing you to “zone” areas, and ensure that a uniform colour coding system is adopted sitewide. The Adhesives used on our tape are of an industrial quality and designed for use in all manner of heavy duty environments.

Many of our line marking tapes are stock items, which means you can get them as fast as the next day! Perfect for the last minute jobs to ensure your work area is up to specification for a health and safety inspection.

Line Marking Tape rolls

Where Is Floor Marking Tape Used?

You will find floor tape almost everywhere, this is because it is exceptionally easy to apply and is highly visible. Some examples of where it can be used are as follows;

  • Theme Parks - Anti-Slip floor tape can be installed on stairways and at platform edges to improve traction.
  • Factories - Safety areas around machines can be marked out ensuring workers do not get to close.
  • Warehouses - During busy seasons such as Christmas extra storage areas may need to be marked out in dispatch areas.
  • Loading Bays - Our forklift tape can be applied around the area to ensure that pedestrians do not walk into a hazardous zone.
  • Hospitals - Line tapes are used in many roles in hospitals, a common example is a continuous marking that patients can follow to get to the right department. E.g. “follow the green line for x-rays”
  • Supermarkets - Our Proline Tape may be used to mark out an area where a temporary seasonal stand is placed. It may also be used to mark where the extra seasonal stock should be stored in the back warehouse.

These are just a few examples of how different businesses within the commercial and private sectors make use of line marking tapes.

PROline anti-slip paint on steps

How Is Floor Marking Tape Applied?

Floor marking tapes are very easy to apply, we even supply a couple of accessories to make the job even easier if doing larger jobs.

The most important thing when applying any finish is ensuring that the surface is dry, clean from dust, dirt and oil. With these substances removed the adhesive has the best chance of achieving a strong bond.

To get a consistent and bubble free run we have a special trolley that can be used to apply our line marking tape. The TapeLiner is a walk behind trolley that allows long runs to be applied at walking pace.

How Do I Ensure I Get A Straight Line?

When applying long runs we recommend using a chalk line marker, this will ensure that the markings produced are straight and true.

Some of our non-slip tapes can be applied to chequered plate surfaces, for these you will need to use a pressure roller. We have these available on the shelf to make installation easy.

Proline Tape applicator

What Colour Of Floor Tape Should Be Used Where?

Our Floor tapes are available in a range of colours, although the colour you use is entirely your choice, there is a “standard” colour scheme available. Each colour has its own designated meaning. By adhering to a set scheme throughout your site you will ensure a consistent message is conveyed.

The accompanying Table shows where each colour should be used.

Tape ColourApplication
WhiteGeneral Markings
BlueMandatory Protection
OrangeChemical Storage

The Key Types Of Marking Tape & How They Are Used

There are several types of floor tape, within our range, these include ProlineTape Standard, Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape, PVC Line Tape, Metalic Heavy Duty Tape, Anti Slip Tapes and even glow in the dark warning tapes. Each tape type has its ideal usage.

Proline Tape applied in storage facility

ProLine Standard Tape

Perfect for temporary marking during seasonal expansion, and temporary works. It may be used in warehouses, workshops or factories to mark out any number of warnings, hazards or areas. Suitable for indoor use only.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Tape

ThermoPlastic Marking Tape

For use where vehicle traffic is heavy this tape is actually pre-cut tape that you melt to the surface of the road. It is also available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. This is generally used outdoor only.

Anti-slip tape chevron in use

Non-slip Tapes

There are several non-slip tapes to choose from they are all self-adhesive and help to improve traction on otherwise slippery surfaces. We have specialist anti-slip tapes designed for staircases with checker plate and even a glow in the dark tape.

PROline PVC based tape in use

PVC Backed Tape

Suitable for permanent installs where there is heavy foot traffic and some light forklift traffic.

PROline Steel lined tape factory use

Metallic Tape

This industrial floor tape is suitable for areas with heavier forklift operation. This makes our metallic backed tape especially suitable for loading bays.

PROline liquid paint being applied

Liquid Line Paint

We also sell a range of both aerosol and liquid line marking paints. All of which are available to buy online.

How Do I Buy Line Marking Tape?

Buying line marking tape could not be easier, you can navigate our website to find the best tape for your needs. Once you have found the right tape you need to choose the size of the tape that you need and colour e.g. black and yellow. Select the add to cart button and you are on your way to marking out your safety areas.

Hazard Area marked out

Why Tape Not Paint?

Tapes are a great alternative to paint, but there are some areas where paint is better suited and should be considered.

Where paint is better:

  • Outdoor Applications - Paint is normally the prefered method of outdoor marking. It is better able to cope with uneven surfaces and changes in temperature.
  • Permanent applications - Paint can be touched in where tape cannot be. To repair tape you need to cut out sections and replace them.

Where Tape is better:

  • Where markings need to be temporary - the tape can simply be removed when you no longer need the markings.
  • Traction Improvement - Use non-slip tape on staircases to improve slip resistance.
  • Where it is not possible to use paint - There is no drying time with most tapes and no mess or overspray.

Need Help Finding The Right Tape System For Your Needs?

No problem we are here to help! Our sales team will happily discuss all of our line marking systems with you ensuring you get the right system for the job. If you are looking to mark out parking bays with thermoplastic road markings or just mark a do not cross line around a machine we have what you need! Our Sales team can be contacted on +44 (0)1905 794875 during office hours.

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