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EV Charging Point Accessories

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EV Charging Point Accessories & Ancillaries

Electric charging points are set to be the new key feature of almost every car park out there. They represent one of the largest investments in modernising parking infrastructure there has been in a very long time.

At Start Traffic we are here to help you get the best return on your electric car charging system. We stock and supply a wide range of electric car charging point accessories, from signs to help drivers find the right space, to bollards and barriers to prevent damage should a parking manoeuvre not go to plan.

With our range of electric charging station accessories deployed on-site, you can be sure that your expensive charging stations are protected and get you the best return on your investment.

EV Protection Bollards And Guards

EV Charging Hooped Guard In Front Of Charger

EV Charging Point Protection Products

We offer a range of high-quality electric vehicle charging station protection systems including bollards, hoop barriers and wheel stops. All of these products work together to protect expensive charging stations from rouge vehicles that could otherwise cause thousands of pounds of damage.

  • Hoop barriers - Offers a wide spread of protection and stand directly in front of the charging point. They can be cast in or bolted down depending on the installation location.
  • EV Protection Bollards - Usually installed in pairs these bollards are a great alternative to hoop barriers. They have a lesser footprint and allow cables to be moved between them with ease.
  • EV Wheel Stops - These stops prevent the wheels of vehicles from progressing past the point at which the front of the vehicle would make contact with the electric car charger. They can be put in parking bays giving drivers a reassuring stopping point when parking.

EV Parking Spaces With Anti Slip MMA Paint Applied

Electric Charging Point Road Markings

To indicate that a parking bay is for charging only we have a great range of road markings, these can be installed with simple outline only symbols or with full colour backing to really make them stand out.

The benefits of proper parking bay marking include;

  • Better visibility from across the car park - Drivers can clearly see a parking bay with a bright green background and head straight to the right point in the car park. When used with blue backing for disabled parking spaces then identification of bays is made even easier.
  • Reduction of slip risk - Our markings have embedded anti-slip glass beads. This makes all charging areas safer in wet weather when traction could otherwise be significantly reduced.
  • Reduction of charger blocking - Unfortunately there will always be inconsiderate parkers. But with more clearly marked charging bays any honest mistakes where petrol and diesel vehicles park in the wrong bay will be avoided. This frees up charging spaces making the

If you are looking for other car park markings to go with your charging point markings then look no further, you can find speed roundels, zebra crossing markings and more in our car park markings category.

EV Charging Point Sign On Post

EV Charging Station Signage

If you are looking for signage to brand, direct or provide any information about your charging stations then look no further. We have a range of standard EV signage including S65 post mounted signs right through to custom signage made to order.

By signposting your charging points correctly drivers can be aware of charges, restrictions and other factors that may impact their charging experience.

Proper signage will ensure that non EV vehicles will not mistakenly park in reserved bays. All our signage can be supplied with a channel for mounting to posts, or without a channel for wall mounting. If you are looking for general car park signage then look no further, we have a full car park signage category that contains everything a car park needs.

Cannot see the Electric Charging Point Accessories You Require?

Give us a call we have a massive stock list and will happily assist you in finding what you need. Our sales team are ready and waiting to take your call on +44 (0)1905 794875. You can also reach us through our chat system or by email on our contact page.

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