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Hazard Warning Lamps

Hazard Warning lamps are an essential part of operating road works safely. They draw nearby drivers awareness to the road works. We offer lamps that are compatible with cones, barriers, scaffolding and skips. When choosing the right lamp for your application there are a few points to consider. Do they need to operate during the day and night? Do they need to be continuous or flash and of course What's the battery life like?

LED Symbol Image


Lamps With this symbol in their main image are fitted with an LED bulb that vastly improves battery life.
Auto Activated Symbol

Auto Activated

Lamps with this symbol have a photocell that detects darkness and automatically turns the lamp on.
Flashing Lamp Symbol


Lamps with this symbol have a flashing mode. They will pulse to better draw attention to themselves.
Constant Illumination Symbol


These lamps have a mode of constant illumination.



 TaperLampMonolightMaxiLiteMicroLiteConiLampWHI Scaffold LampWHI STACKA LampWHI 360D Cone Lamp
Our Product Code1336713370133381248912247126061288413417
Battery Life~123hrs Flashing~300hrs Continuous~650hrs Flashing~300hrs~400hrs~1500hrs Flashing~1500hrs Flashing~1500hrs Flashing
Battery Type6V Pj9966V Pj9966V Pj996 (x2)6V Pj9966V Pj996AAAAAA
Photocell (Night Only)
Flashing or ContinuousFlashingBothBothFlashingContinuousBothBothBoth
Cone Compatible
Barrier Compatible
Scaffold and SkipScaffold Bracket Available
WHI Safeguard Skip or Scaffold light on Skip

Push Button-activated, Both the STACKA and Scaffold lamps are one press for flashing or two for continuous.

Conilamp Motorway Road Works

Self-activated, As soon as the ConiLamp is placed on a cone the lamp turns on.

JSP Microlite on Cone

Twist-activated, The MicroLite turns on when the lens is twisted into the correct position.

The Latest Barrier Lamp

The New Stacka Barrier Lamp
Stacked Barriers with Lamp

WHI-Safeguard specialise in hazard warning lamps, the latest product they have developed is the STACKA Lamp. The STACKA light is the only lamp on the market that can be left on the barrier and still be stacked. The lamp utilises LED technology to give 1500hrs of battery life when in flashing mode from two AA Batteries.

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