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Wall Corner Guards & Wall Protectors

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Wall Protectors & Wall Corner Guards

Wall protectors are essential in many environments, in parking garages they can prevent scuffs to walls and vehicles and in commercial environments, they prevent trolleys and pallet trucks damaging walls.

Corners are inevitably the most vulnerable spot whether that is a corridor wall corner or garage door entrance. This is due to the very nature of the corner protruding from the surrounding area. Our wall corner protectors offer to cushion and act as a barrier, preventing damage to plaster or brickwork.

We have all been in a hospital and seen long scrapes down walls where trolleys have scuffed, smudged and otherwise damaged the finish. It looks unsightly and gives the illusion that the environment is not “clean” (although it likely is). With wall buffers installed these scuffs do not appear and are instead taken out on the plastic wall protection, that does not show up marks.

Corner protector installed

Where Can Corner Protectors Be Used

Corner protectors can be used in so many locations it is almost impossible to list them all, however as you are here it is likely you already know where you need some wall or corner protection installing!

Some Great Examples of where these protectors can be used are listed below;

  • Store Room Walls - In retail environments where trolleys packed with goods are moved around frequently our wall guards are surface mounted and offer protection against scuffs and bumps.
  • Car Parks - In car parks, rubber corner guards can offer protection to both the vehicle and the structure.
  • Loading Bays - Prevent damaged corners around loading areas caused by pallet trucks, trolleys and other equipment.
  • I Beams & Structural Components - Corner and surface guards are not only for protecting the surface they are attached to. When installed onto I beams and the underside of steel staircases they can highlight and offer padding on an edge that would otherwise be unpleasant to bump your head on!
Column protectors isntalled in car park

What are the Best Materials For Corner Guards?

The type of material used for your wall protection solution depends on the application and the vehicles or subjects operating in the area.

  • In areas where the traffic is mostly hand operated then foam protectors are great. They can be attached in a number of ways including self adhesive, magnetic and through the use of mechanical fixings.
  • In corridors and storerooms, Nylon or rubber wall buffers are brilliant and offer great protection.
  • Outside loading bays and in areas where vehicles operate heavy-duty guards are normally required. These may be made from rubber, metal, or a combination of rubber and metal.

A Visual Warning

Foam impact protection strip being isntalled

Many of our wall and corner protectors are made in vibrant black and yellow colours. This colour scheme highlights the potential hazard, helping avoid the impact in the first place. This colour scheme is also a standard for “permanent hazards”

How are the Installed?

Coner guards and wall protectors can be insalled in a variety of ways, the most common though are listed below;

  • Self Adhesive - Likely the most simplistic method of installation, when installing self-adhesive wall protectors surfaces should be clean and free of any dirt, water, dust and other contaminants.
  • Magnetic - For areas that deep cleaning is frequently required, such as in cleanroom environments then magnetic surface protectors are perfect. They can be lifted, cleaned under and then re-applied.
  • Mechanical Fixings - This usually means the wall buffer or protector needs to be bolted to the surface it is protecting. This method is only normally used on heavier durty protectors or with long lengths such as those used in corridors.

Different Options & Choosing The Best Wall Corner Guards

As you have likely gathered there are many different options to choose from when it comes to edge protection and wall protectors. This is why we are here to help you find the best product for your needs, our customer service team is here to help during office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875. We have many years of experience in the safety industry and will work with you to ensure you get the very best solution to your needs.

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