Chapter 8 Regulations and "The Red Book"

The Department for Transport has a comprehensive guide for traffic signs and management.

Chapter 8 of this guide is called ‘Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations’. This is commonly referred to as the Chapter 8 guidelines. It is broken into two parts:

Please click on either of the above sections to be taken to the guidelines. Both of the above are extremely thorough guides to these topics.

Thankfully there is a slightly more concise version of these guidelines available. This is known as the red book.

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Key Publications from the Department for Transport  

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The Red Book

The statutory requirements for signing, lighting, and guarding at street works and road works. This is the core reference manual for utility companies, local authorities, street work contractors and others whose day-to-day business involves street works. - The Red Book
Traffic Signs Manual: Chapter 8 - Part 1: Design The comprehensive guide for those responsible for the design of temporary traffic management arrangements. - Part 1, design
Traffic Signs Manual: Chapter 8 Part 2: Operations The comprehensive guide for those responsible for the planning and managing of, and participation in, operations to implement, maintain and remove temporary traffic management arrangements. - Part 2, design
Traffic Signs Manual: Other chapters Other guidance for traffic authorities on the use of traffic signs and road markings. - Other Chapters
TSRGD Guidelines Chapter 3 Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 3 Regulatory Signs. - Chapter 3
TSRGD Guidelines Chapter 4 Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 4 Warning Signs - Chapter 4
Chapter 8 and the Red Book front covers

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