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Manhole & Folding Barriers

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Folding Barriers

Folding barriers are generally designed to surround smaller trenches or open manholes. Helping to keep workers and the public from stumbling into open covers or excavations for gas, drainage, electrical or telecoms infrastructure.

Folding barriers sometimes called “gate barriers” are compact in size when collapsed. They are therefore ideal for use by utility and maintenance companies, as they can be easily transported in a van whilst leaving plenty of room for tools. For this reason, you will frequently see many of these folding barriers in use around telecoms and water access points on pavements all around the country.

Oxford Safegate Mahnole Barrier In Use

Which Size of folding barrier do I need?

For smaller excavations or use around telecoms cabinets the Utility BarrierSafeGate barrier or Portagate barrier are ideal. They can be used as a square or to form a perimeter around a work area. These smaller barriers are 750mm wide per side.

All of our folding barriers are made from plastic that is UV stabilised. It will therefore not fade, discolour or go brittle in the sun. They are suitable to be left in cold environments also.

For larger jobs the Utility Barrier is available in a 1-metre variant.

You will notice they are fitted with the required retro-reflective strips to make them Chapter 8 Compliant (so long as they are deployed in accordance with the rules). These reflective markers and vivid colours make our folding manhole barriers ideal for use in public areas.

JSP Portagate Used Around A Utility Access Hole

Do You Need Further Assistance?

If you require further assistance you can speak to our team of professionals on +44 (0)1905 794875. They will be happy to help you find the right folding barrier for your needs, and check stock levels for you.We have many other types of chapter 8 pedestrian barriers and chapter 8 barriers available to buy.

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