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Water Filled Separation Barriers

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Water Filled Barriers - Separation Barriers

We offer a variety of water filled separation barriers suitable for a range of applications, each type of barrier has slight differences and customizations to make them suited to different tasks.

Water filled barriers are easy to deploy (most can be lifted by a single person). Once in place, they can be loaded with ballast in the form of water or gravel. This ensures that they stay where they are needed.

Standard Water Filled Barriers

Standard Water Filled Barriers

The standard 1M and 1.5M water filled barriers are ideal for a whole variety of applications. They can be used for marking out a roadway, lane delineation, creating a blockade, and controlling pedestrians during road works. They are frequently seen in use in front of more aggressive concrete barriers.

Fence Top Water Filled Barriers

Fence topped Water Filled Barriers

If you are looking to keep pedestrians away from vehicles then a fence top mesh panel can be added to the barrier. This increases the height making the barrier a much larger obstacle to overcome. These additional panels are supplied with the water-filled base and are available in 1m and 2m sections.


Water Filled Track Barriers

Water Filled Track Barriers

These track barriers are ideal for use on go-kart tracks and small scale race circuits. When filled with ballast their weight ensures they stay in place and will contain vehicles. At the same time, the flexibility within the barrier will provide a less abrupt stop for the driver.

Heavy Duty Water Filled Barriers

Heavy Duty Water Filled Barriers

The RB2000 and GB2 barriers are heavy duty water filled barriers. They are designed for use around HGV’s and construction sites. Where larger sized vehicles need a heavier duty barrier to mark our roadways.

Completed Water Filled Barrier Installation

Example Track Barrier Installation

This is an installation of RB1300 barriers that we recently supplied. The water filled barriers are being used around a pedal cart track at Adventure Farm.

We have a mini case study that you can read on the related product page. Overall the performance and appearance of the barriers really look great. The barriers give the kart track a really professional look and improve safety.

If you are considering setting up a cart track we recommend you take a trip to Adventure Farm to see an example of a good installation.

Are These Water Filled Barriers Crash Tested?

Currently, there is only the RB22 barrier that has been crash tested. The RB22 is capable of stopping a car moving at speeds of up to 50mph. Our other water filled barriers are capable of taking knocks and scrapes but are not designed to arrest a vehicle in the same way.

Alternative Ballast Materials

Although these separation barriers are generally filled with water, you can fill them with sand or other ballast if necessary. Water is the ideal ballast material as it can be removed easily and requires no special measures to discard it.

Need Help Finding The Right Water Filled barrier For your needs?

Call our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875. They will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the best item for your needs.

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