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Vehicle Activated Signs & Radar Speed Signs

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High-Quality Radar Activated Signs

Radar Activated Sign 30mph Limit With Slow Down Message

Our range of vehicle activated signs can help improve road safety by giving clear visual feedback to drivers. Letting them know that they are driving within or exceeding the speed limit of the road.

All of our signs are capable of showing a range of speeds measured by radar from the approaching vehicle. Some of our models can display both a speed readout and a warning such as “slow down” if the oncoming vehicle is speeding.

These compact systems are perfect for installation in a multitude of locations, from villages to industrial parks, quarries, airports and building sites. Wherever there is traffic, there is a possibility of speeding, and these signs are an excellent way to slow drivers down.

Radar Speed Sign Displaying 28mph To A Non-Speeding Motorist

Key Applications of LED Slow Down Signs

As mentioned these road signs can be used in so many different locations, but these are some of the most common applications we have supplied them to.

  • Villages & Parish Councils - Let passing traffic know that vehicle speeds are being monitored. These signs are perfect for prompting drivers to stick to 20mph and 30mph speed limits.
  • School Zones - When placed outside of a school some radar activated signs can be programmed with “School Zone” messages to inform drivers there is good reason to drive carefully.
  • Construction Sites - Some large construction sites may have long roads where speed limits may be exceeded. By using a radar speed sign you can remind drivers that their driving is being monitored.
  • Weak Bridges - Sometimes it is important that traffic slows down for weak and old structures. Our radar activated traffic signs can be set to alternative the speed limit and a warning of “weak bridge”.
  • Airports - With vast amounts of foot traffic and wide-open spaces these sites are a recipe for speeding. These signs can be used with the camera attached to monitor the driving of specific vehicles and drivers.

Vehicle Activated Speed Sign Smile Face

Key Features:

  • Fast and Easy to Deploy - Can be mounted onto an existing lamp or signpost with common sign fixings.
  • No Power Required - With battery power backup and optional solar panels, a fixed power supply is not required.
  • Optional Speed Camera Attachment - For private sites like industrial estates, airports, and docks a speed camera attachment can be added. This can be used to monitor problem drivers who exceed the locations speed limits frequently.
  • Optional Bespoke Surround Plates - Additional surrounds can be used to dress the sign with messages such as “School Zone” or corporate branding.
  • Data Storage - All but a couple of models have data storage capabilities, allowing you to keep track of how many vehicles are obeying the speed limit.
  • Bespoke Messages can be programmed with custom messages to alternative between. These can be adjusted depending on the time of day, speed of the vehicle.

Radar Sign Mounting Options

Tripod Mount

An optional heavy-duty tripod can be used to temporarily deploy these signs at the roadside. This can be ideal for short term requirements, such as survey points, events, or spot-checking vehicle speeds.

Post Mounting

With standard post mounting hardware, these signs can be mounted straight onto an existing structure such as a lamp post or existing signpost.

So What Does A Vehicle Activated Sign Cost?

This all depends on the setup required, a sign with solar panels will inevitably cost more than one without. We have included in our range some basic setups to choose from, but if you cannot see the exact configuration you need, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Our in-house radar sign specialist will be happy to assist you or even arrange a site visit to discuss your needs.

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