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Road Markings For Sale

Road Markings & Road Surface Marking

Road markings are one of our most popular product ranges. We stock a wide range of products suitable for demarcation of routes and parking areas. Whether you are marking lines in the centre of the road or parking bays in a car park you will find what you need in our markings range.

The most common type of markings most people see on a daily basis are yellow lines and white lines around the UK road network. These markings can have various meanings depending on their formatting and colour. For instance, a double yellow line at the edge of a road has a different meaning to a single yellow line, and a solid white line has a different meaning to a broken white line.

Our range of products does not just cover painted road lines, it incorporates road studs, line marking tapes, temporary marking systems and spray paints. With this vast range, we are able to cater to most needs, with fast delivery from stock!

Thermoplastic pedestrian symbol

Thermoplastic sign

Preformed Thermoplastic Symbols

Applied with heat in the same ways as thermoplastic rolls these pre-cut, preformed markings are ideal for making intricate shapes, such as disabled parking symbols, parent and child parking markings, and other letters and words.

Tub of Startmark Road Marking Paint

Line Marking Paints

Liquid paints used for creating hard-wearing lines and areas of colour. These can be used on major roads or even just for colour coding bays and walkways in car parks.

5 miles per hour thermoplastic roundel

Car Park Markings

A wide range of markings specifically found in car parks. This extensive range includes car park bay kits, disabled parking symbols and directional arrows, and speed limit roundels.

Temporary Wax crayons

Temporary Markings

When markings only need to be temporary, we have paints, wax road marking crayons and aerosols available.

Anti-Slip Paint

Floor Marking Tapes

Ideal for warehouses, workshops and commercial properties. We carry a range that can be used to mark indoors and outdoors, with options for glow-in-the-dark and non-slip. Our range of tapes is clean and easy to apply.

Reflective temporary Road Stud

Road Studs

Available in a variety of formats road studs are perfect providing either tactile feedback to pedestrians or improved visibility for motorists. Studs can either be plastic or metallic, permanent or temporary, and reflective or non-reflective.

Cannot Find The Road Markings You Need?

We are here to assist you in finding the correct road marking method for your needs. If you cannot see the product you are looking for we will do our best to find it or an alternative product for you. Our sales line is open during normal office hours where our helpful team will be happy to take your call.

Looking for UK Road Marking Guidance?

You will most likely need to check out the Chapter 5 Road Markings Traffic Signs Manual. A link to a copy of this can be found on our regulations page. This document is produced by the government and covers the most common applications for road markings e.g. How to mark a bus lane, stop line, or any number of other ‘side of the road’ markings.

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