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Convex Driveway Mirrors

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Driveway Mirrors

Our selection of driveway mirrors makes up a specialised part of our traffic and road mirror range. These mirrors play a vital role in improving the safety of driveways and intersections where driveways meet the road by increasing the level of visibility at these potentially high risk locations.

The presence of a driveway mirror is an easy way of increasing safety coming in and out of your driveway, and a simple way to eliminate blind spots. Installing our driveway mirrors is quick and easy, with all the mirrors in the range coming with a post/ mount installation bracket kit. The adjustable bracket kit makes it easy to achieve optimal positioning for the best visibility.

These safety mirrors are convex, offering the user a wider field of vision than the ordinary flat surface mirror. The wide angle of the reflective surface is designed to provide maximum visibility to prevent accidents and incidents at precarious positions. The frames on our driveways mirrors differ dependent on the users' requirements. Red and white mirrors should be used where maximum visibility of the mirror is beneficial, or white, black and rimless frames can be utilised for discretion, blending seamlessly in with their surroundings.

Mirror installed on driveway of industrial site

Driveway mirror installed on exit of carpark

When to use a Driveway Mirror

Our driveway mirrors’ primary function is to help reduce the risk of collisions or injury entering, exiting or manoeuvring into or on driveways. Scenarios that would benefit from the addition of convex mirrors include but are not limited to:

  • Situations where drivers would benefit from seeing oncoming vehicles when exiting a driveway (driveway exit mirrors).
  • Where driveways may be hidden from traffic on the road.
  • Where parking within driveways is made difficult by the space’s shape or obstacles.
  • Where pedestrians and vehicles are concurrently moving within a driveway (e.g., in warehouse yards).
  • Blind spots around or in driveways

Key Features of Driveway Mirrors:

All of our range of convex driveway mirrors offer a clear and precise image to improve visability for users. Because we supply a large range of mirrors, considering the key features of your desired mirror should be a top priority. Some of the distinguishing characteristics between our mirrors are as follows:

Frameless Driveway mirror installed in parking lot

A range of optics and viewing distances - our driveway mirrors are designed in a range of different optics, which each offer a different maximum viewing distance.

Green Framed mirror

Frames - our driveway mirrors’ thermoplastic resin and PVC frames are tested against UV to avoid cracking and yellowing. The red adhesive tape (if applicable) on the frames is durable and high quality.

Anti-frost condensation mirror example installation

Ant-Frost and Anti-Condesation mirrors - for particularly harsh conditions our anti-frost/ anti-condesation offerings can provide clear images in environments where temperatures reach -20°

Bracket example

Variety of installations and applications - most of our driveway mirror range are supplied with fully adjustable bolts and a galvanised steel bracket for wall or post-mounting, which allows for precise positioning and adjustment of the mirror. Some kits are tested to withstand winds of up to 183 kph.

wide angle 180 degree field of vision

Either reflect in 90° or 180° angles - Required field of vision should be a consideration when purachsing a driveway safety mirror. 180° wide field of vision is a good balance between convexity distortion and usability. A 90° angle of vision is useful in places like driveway exits where users can approach from different directions.

Wide angle mirror

The wide angle traffic mirror - This mirror is unique in the addition of its fitted rim to protect against glare and rain.

Factors to Consider When Installing a Driveway Mirror

Large format driveway mirror installed on street

Our driveway mirrors are all convex, so they have a curved reflexive surface which allows for the user to have a wider field of vision than flat mirrors.

Because these mirrors ae convex, the intended maximum viewing distance should be considered during installation.Maximum distance refers to how clearly the user can see a hazard in the mirror. Differing maximum viewing distances suit different needs, and should be actively considered during purchasing and installation as directly impact the mirror’s effectiveness as a driveway safety tool.

Our driveway mirrors are a highly effective way to ensure the smooth running into, out of and around your driveway. Consider using speed roundels, bollards and appropriate signage (if applicable) to maximise your driveway safety arsenal.

Other Mirrors In Our Range

Traffic and Road mirrors

Traffic and Road Mirrors

a similar range of mirrors to driveway mirrors, but specialised to ensure safety on roads including those outside driveways.

Warehouse and Industrial mirrors

Warehouse and Industrial Mirrors

mirrors manufactured to ensure the fluid motion of vehicles and pedestrians.

Anti-vandal mirrors

Anti-vandal Mirrors

Stainless steel mirror options designed with protecting against malicious destruction in mind.

Inspection Mirrors

Inspection Mirrors

These mirrors are specialised for looking into hard-to-reach areas.

Security Mirrors

Security Mirrors

These mirrors designed with the aim of protecting against theft or unwelcome disturbances in sites such as shops and prisons (amongst others).

Flat workplace Mirrors

Flat Mirrors

Flat mirrors that are stronger than glass, with shatter-proof and anti-scratch properties.

Still Looking For The Right Driveway Mirror?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a range of mirrors for you to choose from, and our dedicated sales team are on hand at +44 (0)1905 794875 to help you decide on the best option

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