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No Parking Cones

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No Parking & No Waiting Cones

When organising an event or  the last thing you need is to find a car in the way of your proposed works. For some businesses it is essential for day to day operations that delivery vehicles can successfully park up and be unloaded.

There are two options when attempting to prevent people from parking in the way, option one would be to pay a member of staff to stand outside and warn people off. This can be expensive, and even ineffective as people can take personal offence at being told not to park. The more efficient solution is to put a handful of cones down along the area where people should not park. This solution not only looks more official, but it is also obeyed more often as people are reluctant to exit their vehicle to move them. They also work out cheaper as a a set of 10 cones will cost considerably less.

No Waiting Cones

Common Applications

There are some frequent applications that we find these cones being used for more than any other, we have mentioned some of these below. There really is no limit as to the applications that these cones can be used for though.

Street Party

Street Parties & Events

When organising a street party or road cycling race, the last thing anyone wants is a car parked right in the middle. These cones can be dropped along the kerbs to discourage people parking where they could potentially be in the way.

Residential Street Preparing For Roadworks

Street Works

When re-surfacing or carrying out street works on roads where people park it is often necessary to deploy no waiting cones a few days before. This will ensure that you are not left tarmacking around a parked vehicle.

Delivery Zone

Delivery Areas & Access

Some industrial estates rely on access provided by side streets, often these side streets are too narrow for large heavy goods vehicles to pass through, especially if cars are parked both sides of the road. By using these cones you can ensure that an expected delivery is not blocked out.

School Zone

School Zones

Sometimes parents dropping their children off at school can park in a less than desirable fashion, an example of which can be found here: Traffic Cones stop school parking. Although an extreme example it shows how effective these cones are.

Ideal For Mobile Tradesmen

When working on site as a tradesman it is often essential to have your vehicle parked right outside the property you are working at, as walking too far with heavy equipment can be a real pain. Equally annoying is when someone parks too close to the back of your van preventing you from accessing the back doors. By using these no waiting cones you can reserve some space around your van for skip deliveries, or easier access.

Round vs Triangular

For use on the public highway only the triangular style cones are enforceable, this is because the no waiting / parking symbol cannot be seen clearly on the rounded faces of the conical variant. The round version, is ideal for private venues such as wedding venues, and funeral homes.

Always in stock and always here to help!

We work hard to keep all our no waiting cones in stock ready for fast dispatch. If you are looking for normal road cones you will find them in our traffic cone section. We are also available during office hours Monday - Friday to provide assistance with your purchase. If you need any help outside of these hours drop us an email through our contact page and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

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