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Car Park Markings For Sale

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Showing 1 to 57 of 57 (1 Pages)

Car Park Markings For Safer Car Parking

When most people think of car park markings they first think of the line paint that outlines the parking spaces and parking bays. This is however only a small part of the marking systems that modern car parks have to incorporate.

Keeping all these markings in order, and initially applying them is a daunting task without the proper equipment. For this reason, we have created a range of car park line marking kits and common markings to make life as easy as possible.

With our kits, you can install out car park road markings without outlaying for painting services or specialist road line marking machines. All whilst achieving good results that stand the test of time.

Car park painted with line marking paint

Types of Car Park Markings Available From Start Traffic

Variety of thermoplastic lines

Thermoplastic Road Lines

These pre-cut lines are the perfect solution for car park spaces, they are easy to trim to length if needed and allow even the most inexperienced to get good results. They can be made slip-resistant with glass beads further improving safety. Application is very easy, requiring the markings to be melted to the surface of the road with a gas torch.

Preformed yellow disabled sign

Thermoplastic Preformed Symbols

Exactly the same material as the thermoplastic road lines, but in intricate shapes and symbols for marking disabled bays, parent and child parking spaces and even numbering spaces. For larger car parks we have direction arrows, speed limit roundels and other common markings.

hand painted 10 miles per hour symbol

Liquid Paints For Large Areas or Hand Lines

When you need to completely colour code an area, for example, a blue disabled parking bay, or a green EV charging bay then our ultra heavy-duty line marking paints are the perfect tool for the job. Applied with a roller, brush or squeegee these markings can also be made slip-resistant.

post mounted car park signs

Don’t Forget We Also Stock A Wide Range Of Carpark Signage!

At Start Traffic we carry a wide selection of car park signage on the shelf ready for rapid dispatch. This includes pedestrian crossing signs, disabled badge holder signs, give way signs and many more. With our full selection of equipment, you can ensure your car park is a beacon of safety.

Need Assistance In Finding The Right Car Park Marking Products?

From double yellow lines to pedestrian crossing markings we have a great selection, but if you still cannot see what you need we are always here to help! You can call our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875 today and get expert advice, ensuring that you get the best product for your needs at the best price.

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