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Seed Spreaders

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Lawn Seed Spreaders, Seeders & Fertiliser Spreaders

It takes work to keep your lawns and grass areas in top condition, and our range of quality seed spreaders is here to lighten the burden and spread the load as much as possible. We stock items suitable for the smallest of lawns that need occasional feeding and overseeding right through to push-along trolleys that can seed a whole football pitch.

Our lawn spreader range features products made by the best and biggest names in the business, all of which have a well-proven track record for providing and producing some of the best quality grass seed spreaders on the market. Within our range, you will find everything from hand-held spreaders to trolleys and even line planters for vegetable beds.

By providing a curated selection of broadcast spreaders, we are confident that we have something for everyone, including those with tight budgets. We are convinced you will find everything you need to keep your lawn happy and healthy all season long.

Cresco Seed Spreader In Use

Key Considerations When Buying Your Seed Dispenser Or Fertiliser Spreader

Large Capacity On Cresco Seed & Fertiliser Spreader

Seed & Fertiliser Capacity

Choose a spreader with the correct capacity for your needs. For a domestic application, you may only need a hand spreader, whereas a groundskeeper will need something larger, such as a push-along trolley.

Compact Spreader Design For Easy Storage


Do you have the space to store a large seeder when it's not in use? Many spreaders will have foldable stands and handles to help with this.

Steep Stone Stairs On Hillside


Do you need to access hard-to-reach areas such as staircases and steps where a trolley won't work? Is the only access through a narrow door or entranceway?

Durable Cresco Spreader


Check that your chosen seed spreader is from a reputable manufacturer, such as Cresco, which has a proven track record of providing quality equipment.

Easy To Use Spreader

Ease of Use

Ensure that your chosen spreader is not too complicated to operate. It should be simple to roll out every year when it gets cold without having to spend hours working out how it works.

Salt Spreader With Air-Filled Tire

Wheel Type

Air-filled tyres provide better traction and stability when working on slippery and uneven surfaces.

Spreader With Multiple Uses

Multi Use

Many seed spreaders can double as fertiliser and grit spreaders getting you further value out of your machine.

Looking For Something Else?

ATG Maxiflex Endurance Gloves

Need To Keep Your Hands Safe?

Take a look at our range of gloves for use whilst working in the garden, we have something for every season.

Garden Shovel In The Garden

Need Landscaping Tools?

Take a look at our vast range of hand tools including un unparalleled selection of shovels and spades.

Stiff Yard Broom Clearing Grass Near The Kerb

Need A Broom?

Check our range of brooms and brushes. Our selection spans from small hand brushes to heavy duty stiff yard brooms.

Still Need Help Finding The Right Spreader?

No problem we are here to help spread the work whenever you need new equipment for your work site, just call our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875 to get fast and free advice and guidance.

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