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Traffic Flow Plates For One Way Traffic

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Traffic Flow plates

Traffic flow plates are an effective method of keeping traffic flowing in the correct direction. They can be used to prevent cars or other vehicles driving in the exit of a car park. There are two main grades of flow plates available, 'HGV' for heavy goods vehicles and “Standard” which is suitable for cars and small vans.

The flow plates are normally used to ensure that no traffic enters through the exit lane. This can improve security, safety and ensure that a constant traffic flow is maintained.

Surface Mount HGV Flow Plate

Proper Signage Is Essential When Using Flow Plates

When installing and positioning traffic flow plates it is essential that they are well signposted. Proper signage is required to ensure that all drivers approaching the ramps have “fair warning” of the ramps. No entry signs should also be used on the rear of the ramps to ensure no one drives at the ramps from the wrong direction.

Image Of No Entry Sign

Putting Them In The Right Place

To get the best lifespan from your one-way flow plates it is important that they are installed in the correct location. They should always be installed on straight sections of road where vehicles are not turning.

It is also recommended that they are used in conjunction with speed ramps to ensure that vehicles are slowed to the correct speed before going over the ramp. Doing this reduces any risk of damage to the flow plates but also reduces any risk to a vehicle.

Layout Diagram For Installation


Our flow plates are surface mount unless otherwise specified. This makes installation very easy. Installation is as simple as measuring and marking out their positioning, drilling the fixing holes then bolting down the plates.

Advice & Guidance

We are here to help you get the best flow plates for your needs, whether that be for HGV use or car use. If you have any questions or require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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