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High Quality Work Gloves

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Work Gloves - Keeping Your Hands Safe & Comfortable

At Start Safety we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of protective gloves for use at work and at home. We specialize in stocking only the best high-quality gloves that we would be happy to wear ourselves.

Our range of safety gloves come in a selection of sizes to suit hands large and small. We stock gloves graded for all types of work, from handling sharp materials to working in wet weather, we have your hands covered.

We work only with manufacturers and brands that offer quality gloves produced in controlled environments, ensuring you get the very best quality. Each order ships with all the appropriate paperwork to keep your health and safety documentation up to date.

Getting The Best Work Gloves For Your Needs

Finding the right glove is important, you should always aim to protect yourself and colleagues from as many risks as possible. The work being carried out will always dictate the type of glove that should be worn. To help explain this we have detailed a few glove features and the processes that may require them below.

MaxiFlex Elite 34-274 On Sharp Signage

Abrasion Resistance

This is the resistance to “scuffing” or “wear”, this is important in roles like handling boxes, building materials such as bricks, or general work with tools. This is the general property of the glove that prevents your hands from becoming “sore” when compared to not wearing gloves.

MaxiFlex Ultimate 42-874 Near Barriers With Snagging Potential

Tear Resistance

This is another property that almost any glove should have to some degree. This is what stops the glove from ripping if it becomes snagged. Applications, where tear resistance is important to include, include general handling, gardening, and almost every other application. Tear resistance is measured on a scale, and you will need to make sure that the tear resistance of your chosen glove meets your needs.

MaxiCut Ultra 56-425

Cut Resistance

Cut-resistant gloves do what they say on the tin, they stop things that would otherwise cut your hands from doing so. Applications where this is an important factor range from handling sharp materials such as glass and sheet steel, to working with razor wire. Beware, not all cut resistant gloves are equal, there are different grades for different jobs.

MaxiTherm 30-201 Near Air-Conditioning Unit

Thermal Insulation

Many thermally insulated gloves offer insulation against the cold, and some will also offer heat resistance. This property is important for protecting your hands against extremes of temperature. Examples of environments where this is important include working in refrigerated areas where keeping hands warm is important or working in fabrication we're handling hot materials may be necessary.

MaxiCut Oil 44-305 On Engine Bay


If you are working in a wet environment then gloves that are not waterproof will quickly become unpleasant to wear. Waterproof gloves can be useful not only in outdoor environments, but when handling components that have recently been washed, or subjected to a treatment that wets them. Many of our waterproof gloves are also suitable for use with oils, this is great for manufacturing environments. Example uses include, manufacturing, machine assembly and maintenance, general outdoor handling.

MaxiDry 56-425 On Chemical Canister

Chemical Resistance

When working with harmful chemicals wearing the right gloves is essential. With chemicals out there that can dissolve skin, and even bone it is essential they are kept off your hands. These gloves come in an array of grades, it is ultra-important that you get the right glove grade for the job. Applications may include, acid etching, swimming pool maintenance, and industrial material processing.

MaxiDry 56-425 Glove Holding Barrier

Comfort & Dexterity

One of the most important and overlooked factors of getting the right glove is often the comfort that the glove offers. You could get the most protective glove out there, but if it is not comfortable to wear, and offers poor dexterity then users may try to avoid wearing them, or not be able to perform the job properly.

Our form-fitting gloves offer excellent comfort, and dexterity for users, they are the only glove we use within our own picking and packing environment because of this, everything else just did not perform well enough.

Maxicut-ultra-44-3745 Holding Saw

You Are On Your Way To Getting The Best Work Gloves

If you take time to consider the above factors you will be sure to get the best work gloves for your needs. Whether they are heavy-duty rigger gloves, cut resistant gloves with reinforced thumb and index finger webbing, or disposable nitrile gloves the same principles apply.

Of course, some of these factors can be mixed and matched. For instance, you can have cut-resistant, oil repellant waterproof gloves that are also very comfortable. These may be used in environments where handling freshly stamped sheet steel in an oily environment.

Common Glove Questions

  1. Can I wash My New Gloves? - Each glove is different, depending on the brand and style you may be able to wash them. All products from ATG can currently be washed, but you need to follow the guidelines carefully from style to style to see the suitable temperature, detergents etc.
  2. What Materials Are Work Gloves Made From? - Our gloves are made from a wide range of materials, some have synthetic leather palms, some have latex, silicon, and even genuine leather. The product data sheet will ultimately inform you of the full list of materials used in the glove.
  3. What Size Glove Do I Need? - Each glove brand has a slightly different fitment, disposable gloves tend to be more forgiving when it comes to size. All our ATG range have measurement details on the product page.
Maxicut-ultra-44-3745 Holding Saw

Getting Sweaty Palms Trying To Finding The Right Pair Of Work Gloves?

Commercial Glove Users

We have partnered with a leading glove manufacturer to offer free site surveys to commercial users! Within the scope of this, we will have an agent come to your worksite, look at the processes that are ongoing and help specify an appropriate grade and model of glove for the job. If you would like to arrange a site visit please contact us today by chat, phone or email.

Not A Commercial User?

We are still here to help on the phone, give us a call and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Our trained sales team are here to assist you by phone on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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