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Traffic Cones & Road Cones For Sale

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Road Traffic Cones For Sale

If you are looking to buy traffic cones, then you will find that our selection is one of the best out there. Having the right road traffic cones on the road is essential to road safety and ensuring that traffic can pass through your construction area without posing a danger to workers or the drivers themselves.

Whether you are setting some cones up around a small tree-cutting operation or using the cones on the motorway to restrict traffic access to a lane for long distances, we have what you need.

Our ‘standard cones’ are ideal for use on the public highway and as long as they are kept in good condition and set out in accordance with chapter eight guidelines, they are 100% road legal. You will need to know which height of cone you require. More information on this can be found in the official documentation here.

Bulk Discounts on Road Cones

We know that budget is always a factor when renewing and investing in new assets, for that reason we will always do our very best to find you road cones that suit your purpose and fit your budget. You will find that all our cones have price breaks on the page. If you are looking for larger quantities than these then please do not hesitate to phone us and ask.

Melba Swintex Master Cones

Get the right sized safety cone

Type of roadMinimum Height of cones (mm)
Single carriageway road,
restricted to 30mph or less
Single carriageway road, restricted to
speeds of 31mph to 41mph inclusive
All-purpose dual carriageway road,
restricted to 40mph or less
Single carriageway road,
with speed limit of 50mph or more
All-purpose dual carriageway road,
with speed limit of 50mph or more

The above information and details of cone sizes for use on motorways can be found in the "Chapter 8 Guidelines". It is your responsibility to check the latest regulations to ensure that you are compliant.

Just how big is that cone?

We have all driven past them on the motorway, but seeing them up close they can often be bigger than expected.

Traffic Cone Scale

All of our cones have their height noted in the description, however, it is often deceiving just how big a 1-metre unit can be. For this reason, we put together a scale guide to help visualise their size.

Is It Time To Buy New Cones?

As safety cones are used it is inevitable that they will become damaged and worn. Even when worn it is important that your cones meet the requirements set out in the Chapter 8 manual (part 2 page 206) if you intend to use them on public roads. Some examples can be seen below;

traffic cone in acceptable condition
traffic cone in marginal condition
traffic cone in unnacceptable condition

To see why these cones are classified as above, please see the full documentation found here: Chapter 8 (part 2 page 206).  It is your responsibility to ensure that your cones meet the guidelines set out by the highways agency.

What Can I Do If My Cones Do Not Make The Grade?

If your cones are damaged and do not meet the specifications outlined in the chapter 8 guidelines you will need to take action to bring them back into line.


If the damage to your cones is just in the reflective band, then we can supply new cone sleeves that can be dropped over the cone making it easily seen again.


If your cones are beyond use, with damage to the cone structure, then you should be able to recycle them. Almost all the cones sold by us are able to be 100% recycled.


Of course, you can also purchase brand new cones to replace old stock and keep your cones up to the standard that way.

Identifying Cones

So, you have decided to purchase further cones for your operation, but which type of cone do you already have? And is it essential that you keep all your cones all matching? It is not uncommon for an office worker to be told “we need more cones, can you order some” but have no other useful information to work with other than a photo from a camera phone. For this reason, we have put together a list of different things to look for to assist you in finding the right cone.

  • Is it one or two-piece construction - Cones can either be made from one or two sections. The most common for road use is a two-part cone, where the base is made separately from the conical shaped top section. One-piece cones are generally considered ‘cheap traffic cones’ and are made entirely from one piece of recycled PVC to save costs.
  • Base shape and design - A quick way to identify most cones is to take a look at the base; most will even state the manufacturer and type on the base. If this is the case you are in luck.
  • Sleeve pattern - The sleeves that different manufacturers make all tend to have different patterns to them. By taking a close look at the cone sleeve, you will be able to compare it to the high-resolution photos on our site.
  • Top hand grip - These grips are used for picking the cone up easily and can also be used for tying cone rope and barrier tape around them. Fortunately, many manufacturers use different designs of top holds which makes identifying the cone easier.

Looking for Blue Cones?

We have blue traffic cones! As well as red, green and yellow. Coloured cones have various applications, we go into more detail about popular applications for coloured cones on the coloured cones page.

No Parking & Waiting Cones

If you are looking for no parking cones you will find them in the no parking section. We have both road legal and private road use types in stock on the shelf ready for fast dispatch.

Collapsible Cones Now Available

We are one of the only suppliers of collapsible safety cones. These are UK road legal! Ideal for emergency services!

Always In Stock

At Start Traffic we work hard to ensure that we have all our cones on the shelf ready to ship at all times, we understand that if you need replacement cones on a site they need to be there fast. Our next-day delivery option can have the products you need on-site when you need it!

If You Still Have Questions...

Give us a call we will even help you to identify your cones to help you find a match. Our sales team are available during standard office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].

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