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Ground Protection & Ground Work Systems

Ground Protection Systems

There are many types of ground protection available, ranging from products to protect from pedestrian foot traffic to those that protect from heavy tracked equipment. There are those products that reinforce the surface on a temporary basis and those that are permanently installed to provide a stable parking area even on grass surfaces.

We are currently expanding our range of ground protection products, so for the moment, there is only a selection of mats and cellular grids. There will be a vast range of other products arriving in our stock room soon that will cover almost all aspects of protecting grass, soil and delicate outdoor flooring.

Ferrari ground protection mats

Although our products can be roughly divided into two classes including protection (generally laid over an existing surface temporarily) and reinforcement (generally built into a new surface to keep it from deforming) there are actually four main types of product including mats, mesh, cellular grids and fabrics that are used frequently during modern construction.

Cellular Pavers

There are several types of gravel grid available on the market, we stock GeoGrid and EnduraGrid. Both grids are excellent and ideal for creating reinforced grass or gravel areas. They are designed for permanent installation, improve drainage and prevent rutting or dispersal of gravel.


Our selection of mats include light-duty mats for trucks, cars and vans through to ultra heavy duty designed for use with heavy equipment on boggy ground. These mats are ideal for creating dry pads and access routes when carrying out work on utilities.


GeoMesh is a relatively fine mesh that can be laid over grass to provide reinforcement, or used to hold embankments in place. There are many versions of Geomesh on the market suitable for a multitude of applications.


Quality geofabrics are non-woven and are used to segregate different aggregates or as a weed preventative matting. There are also variations available in vibrant colours to warn of buried cables and pipes. These fabrics are essential for use with grid installs.

EnduraGrid overflow car park
EnduraMat Ground Protection

Which Type Of Ground Protection System Do You Need?

With a few different types to choose from it can often be a bit daunting for those looking into ground reinforcement for the first time. For that reason, we have put together a few pointers bellow to help you find 'solid ground'.

For Permanent Parking On Grass Or Gravel

When producing a gravel parking area or grass parking area that is going to be frequently used, and permanent then a Grid is something to consider. You will need to use your chosen grid with a GeoFabric.

Temporary Parking On a Field

There are two options in this scenario. If it is for a single day or a week then we would recommend using a mat. If you are looking to create a parking area that will be used every year that covers a large area then a mesh would be a better choice.

Temporary Access For Heavy Equipment

If creating an access route or even a work pad for heavy equipment such as diggers, dump trucks and even cranes to operate from then a mat is the best choice. You can read about which mat system would be best suited for your needs on our ground protection mats page.

Why buy from Start Traffic?

We only sell products that we ourselves would be happy to use. By buying from us you can be sure that you are getting a tested, and most importantly a product that is suitable for the job at hand.

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