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GeoGrid Premium Cellular Paving System Extra Durable

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GeoGrid Premium HoneyComb Driveway Pavers

Honeycomb pavers are an excellent way of reinforcing ground for driveways, pathways, overflow parking areas and even patios. These pavers enhance the drainage capacity of land and are entirely suited to SUDS regulations.

GeoGrid can be used in conjunction with grass or gravel to produce an aesthetically pleasing pad capable of taking pedestrian and vehicle traffic with ease.

Key Applications:

  • Driveways - Great for commercial and home projects
  • Overflow Parking - Low visual impact parking that is cost efficient, ideal for village halls, service stations and shopping centres and venues
  • Ground Reinforcement - Prevent churning up of ground by passing vehicles.
  • Improved Drainage - By laying a GeoFabric and appropriate aggregate below the pavers, drainage can be substantially improved.
  • Suitable For Use With HGV's - Can withstand traffic from HGV's and other heavy road vehicles.
GeoGrid Close Up

Create Low Visual Impact Parking Areas With Great Drainage

Geogrid is Great for temporary or overflow parking areas. Quite often and venues or events there is a need for overflow parking. This parking is often in a field or grassed area within the vicinity. The issue with this is that the ground can become churned up and boggy during rain or heavy traffic.

GeoGrid offers an excellent solution to this problem as it prevents the ground shifting, and ensures rainwater is quickly drained away. Small traction studs on the upper surface of the grid improve traction for both pedestrians and vehicles.

One of the best things about using a plastic honeycomb paver is that it has a minimal visual impact. GeoGrid can be utilised with gravel, grass or even bark chippings without being visually intrusive. This aspect makes it ideal for home installations where a gravel drive can be stabilised to just as pleasant to walk on as block paving or tarmac.

GeoGrid Driveway and Parking

Installation & Calculations

No Special Tools Needed

GeoGrid is supplied as individual pavers, depending on the quantity ordered these may be delivered on a pallet. When delivered by pallet the pavers will come pre-assembled in fours to allow for ultra quick installation.

Once an appropriate sub-base (i.e. hardcore) has been installed (see an excellent guide here from the 'paving expert' website: Installation Guide), the pavers take barely any time to lay. They can be cut easily with a standard jigsaw, circular saw or even hand saw to fit around complicated shapes.

How many GeoGrid Do I Need?

We have a brilliant new 'paving calculator' that will allow you to work out how many pavers you need quickly and easily. You can find our calculator here: Paving Calculator

You will need four pavers to make up each square metre of paving. To work out your total manually you will need the following equation.

(Width m x Length m) / 0.25 = Pavers Required.

Enhanced Drainage During Storms

When laid on the appropriate base, drainage of an area can be vastly improved. During torrential rains drainage in urban areas can be a quickly overwhelmed. Tarmac and block paved driveways only push the storm water into drains or roads. The increased load on the drainage system can cause flooding further down the system.

With GeoGrid Drainage is improved, and rainwater that falls onto the area drains away straight into the water table below quickly without putting extra load on local drainage systems.

Geogrid Installation Case Study

Sub-base being installed for geogrid pavers
Geogrid plastic gravel grids being installed
Geogrid base installed ready for shipping container storage

This Geogrid Installation shows off the versatility of the cellular paving grids. For this particular job the client needed a flat level area which they could place a shipping container on and have workers pack pallets ready to be distributed around the country. The requirement was for foot traffic only as they didn’t want to have any vehicle traffic in the area. The Geogrid Premium was chosen as it offers the best value for money for the performance it delivers.

The base was madeup of hardcore and crushed stone, then compacted and levelled with a roller. The laying course was made up of a finer stone which was levelled ready for the grids to be laid down. Once the grids had been laid it was back filled with MOT Type 1.

Need Something Lighter Duty?

This is the premium version of the paver, it is a heavier duty version which can take loads of up to 500 tonnes per square meter. If you do not need this exceptional strength GeoGrid Standard may be what you need. 

Need assistance in choosing the paver system?

Give our trained sales team a call on 01905 794 875 to discuss your needs; they will help you work out which of our cellular paving systems is the best choice for you and the most cost effective.

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Conforms SUDS approved
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
Depth 40mm
Length 495mm
Wall Thickness 4mm
Width 495mm
Per Pallet 384kg
Per Unit 1.6kg
Type 100% Recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Colour Black / (Green Option Available)
Coverage Per Pallet 60m²
Customisation Colour (Minimum quantities apply)
Per Pallet 240 Grids


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