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EnduraGrid Grass Pavers For Driveways & Parking

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EnduraGrid Ground Reinforcement System

EnduraGrid is sold per grid section (0.25 square metre per grid - 50 x 50cm), so four EnduraGrid sections is equal to 1 square metre. For example, adding a quantity of 40 to your cart would give you 10 square metres coverage.

EnduraGrid is the market leading, tried-and-tested product in the ground-reinforcement market. The innovative interlocking porous paving grid system is designed to reinforce the ground - filled with grass or gravel, EnduraGrid is designed to give a firm surface that will not sink, rut or shift once installed. EnduraGrid is chemically inert and non-toxic; it is made from 100% recycled plastic. EnduraGrid is ideal for car parks, driveways, paths and patio areas offering an eco friendly solution without costing the earth.

Why use EnduraGrid?

EnduraGrid has been designed with flexible interior membranes and cut outs between cells that allow the grass to grow naturally.  The top surface provides an anti-slip surface and when installed the product can support heavy loads. This is the ideal car park solution that's eco friendly, provides natural drainage and can be rapidly installed.

  • Tested for use with 44 tonne heavy goods vehicles.
  • 50 x 50cm - optimally sized to save time fitting and cutting.
  • EnduraGrid is made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. 
  • Designed to expand and contract in hot and cold weather conditions
  • Prevents gravel migration and soil erosion
  • Provides improved water dispersion
  • Easy installation with minimal labour
  • No expensive equipment needed
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Easily cut to size to fit the shape desired


A number of popular applications for Enduragrid include:

  • Using them as a well-drained base for garden sheds
  • Allowing a grassed parking area that won't get chewed up
  • Creating a well-drained area or path that doesn't get muddy

How to Install EnduraGrid

The intended use for Enduragrid will affect how it should be installed.

  • For pedestrian and other light duty applications: Unless the ground is particularly poorly drained or unstable, Enduragrid can be laid directly on to the soil - It should only be laid on ground that is firm.
    • Almost all customers dig down 65mm so the surface of the Enduragrid is level with the existing ground.
    • Ensure the new level is flat and free of loose material, then place each grid in place, interlocking them as you go.
    • Refill the Enduragrid area with pea gravel (typically ~10mm diameter), wood chippings, other aggregate or soil. Optionally you can seed with grass if soil is used.
  • For vehicle applications or other concentrated loads:
    • A hardcore base, or 'sub-base' will be required underneath to spread the load and prevent areas sinking over time. The depth of this base will vary on the load that you are going to put on it. Guidelines on depth can be found here: http://www.pavingexpert.com/faq_subbase.htm . 100 - 150mm is commonly used.
    • Dig down to a sufficient depth to accomodate both the sub-base, a 10 - 20mm sand layer and the Enduragrid height.
    • Fill with hardcore, compact accordingly (with a wacker plate) and then apply a layer of sand to form a 'screed' (http://www.pavingexpert.com/screeding.htm)
    • Place each grid in place, interlocking them as you go.
    • Refill the Enduragrid area with pea gravel (typically ~10mm diameter), wood chippings, other aggregate or soil. Optionally you can seed with grass if soil is used.

Dimensions of EnduraGrid

The dimensions of the Enduragrid are designed so that after accounting for fitting, they form a 500 x 500mm based grid. A drawing is below.

Dimensions of Enduragrid

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Conforms SUDS approved
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
Depth 65mm
Length 500mm
Wall Thickness 4mm - 5mm
Width 500mm
Per Pallet 255.6kg
Per Unit 2.130kg
Type Composite PVC Blend
Colour Black / Very dark grey
Coverage Per Pallet 30m²
Customisation Colour (Minimum quantities apply)
Pallet Type Single
Per Pallet 120


Customer Questions & Answers

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Will this be suitable to create a patio area please?
I would like to creat a patio area - currently lawned. The area is approx 8 X 5 so 40m2. Very slightly sloped. Would you reccomend a sub base, if yes , how deep?
Mo Shah
  • For lighter applications like patio areas, a sub-base may not be necessary, however, this depends on drainage. If you see the product listing there is a guide, and even further information on ground preparation can be found at pavingexpert.com which details sub-base depths.
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Suitability for footpath on clay soil
I live in Milton Keynes which has Clay Soil. Clay Soil does take a while to drain the rain/water. Will this EnduraGrid product still be suitable for a gravel path and be TOUGH enough WITHOUT a sub-base for a path on Clay soil/earth? Thank You
  • If it is for casual pedestrian (no cars) use only, it will almost certainly be fine without a sub-base provided the ground does not become entirely mushy on its own accord. If running vehicles on this product or is being used for heavy pedestrian traffic, a sub-base should be used.
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Weed Control Membrane Sheet
Do you put the weed membrane sheet underneath the grid so that the weeds/grass does not grow through the gravel that will be put in the grid for a gravel pathway? Thank You.
  • If you are using a membrane, then you should use it underneath the Enduragrid before you lay it down. Depending on your soil and the ground it may or may not be required. The path in the photographs does not have a weed proof membrane.
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How Solid does it feel to walk on?
I want to know how solid this feels (with Gravel in it) for a gravel footpath. Does it feel as good and solid as walking on a patio path for example? And can a wheelie bin be easily wheeled up and down on it? Thank You
  • Yes - provided the Enduragrid is placed on to firm ground, it does feel very solid, although the surface is not quite as even as a well laid paved patio - as you can see in the photos. Wheelie bins should have no problems as long as you lay the Enduragrid wide enough (I would estimate two wide).

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Sloping/down hill path
I have a slight downhill sloping driveway and want to use this to make a gravel foot path next to it. Is this ok for a slight downhill slope and will keep all the gravel in place? Thank You
  • Yes, this is ideal for this type of application -  It is designed to prevent migration and shifting of stone / pebbles over time.
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Hi can this system be installed directly into an existing lawn or does the lawn have to be removed and replanted?
Neil T
  • If it is only going to be used for foot traffic or other light duty applications, it can be applied directly on top of the lawn, however it will raise the level of the surface. Most people dig down 65mm, install and re-fill though for this type of application.For parking full sized and heavy vehicles, we advise that a hardcore sub-base is used. Please read 'How to Install Enduragrid' in the product description.
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Will 20mm gravel fit inside this?

  • Aggregates around 10mm in nominal size is the most common type to use but 20mm would also be fine.
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Can the Enduragrid be cut to fit different shapes?
Hi, was wounding if there is any information on how to cut these down to specific shapes (ie to go around non square objects or to create a design feature)? Thanks in advance.
Sam B
  • The Enduragrid is easily shaped using almost any saw - a hand saw works just fine and is what most customers use.
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Is the Enduragrid suitable for use with Wheelchairs?

Hello, Could the Enduragrid ground reinforcement be used to build a path accessible for wheelchair?We are a community garden on college ground and are looking at way to make our garden more accessible the users with mobility issues. we have a paved area but we would like to used and other material for the other areas of the garden. the garden should inspire people and show them that things can be done on low budget and adapted to need.I would be grateful for your answer.

Severine Community Garden Coordinator

  • Yes, creating foothpaths from Enduragrid is probably the most common application for it and once filled, there is no reason it would not be suitable for wheelchair use either. We have emailed you directly to help with your enquiry.
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