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High Quality BS8020 Insulated Tools & Shovels

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BS8020 Insulated Shovels & Tools For Contractors

We stock an extensive range of BS8020 insulated tools, which are essential for road, civil, and utility workers. This is because they significantly reduce the likelihood of receiving a shock should an underground cable carrying live power be struck whilst working.

When working around existing infrastructure, you can never be 100% certain that buried cables have been dug into the proper depth or even have warnings correctly applied over them. Every year there are countless incidents where workers are injured or electrocuted by hitting poorly positioned buried cables, and our range of Insulated digging tools is one way to step up safety without any inconvenience.

Within our range of insulated hand tools, you will find tools for digging post holes, laying cables, tamping foundations or raking aggregates. All shovels come with a clear BS8020:2011 marking on the shaft and a unique serial number indicating they have passed testing and are fit for purpose. With this range being so safety-critical, we only buy insulated tools from reputable, established manufacturers such as Richard Carters, who have been in business since 1740 with a proven track record for delivering quality products.

Shocksafe Shovel Being Used

Key Features & Benefits Of Our Insulated Tools

Choice of insulated tools

Unbeatable Choice

Within our range of insulated hand tools, you will find a wide choice of each class of tool, from tools designed for cable and pipe laying to those designed for digging post holes or raking aggregates.

Strong and Durable Handles

Strong & Durable

The shafts and handles of our insulated tools feature an ultra-durable Polyfibre composition with a solid fibreglass core, delivering exceptional working strength and durability.

BS8020 Compliant

BS8020 Compliant

Most tools come marked with a BS8020:2011 clearly stamped into them, allowing you to validate their compliance quickly. Selected tools come with a certificate of compliance, which the manufacturer holds in duplicate.

Exceeds BS3388 Requirements

Exceeds BS3388 Requirements

Many of our shock-safe tools exceed the loading requirements set out under BS3388 and are tested up to 95kgs, ensuring your shovel works as hard as you do.

Shaft Seal

Unique Sealing Technology

Many of our digging tools have specially designed sealing systems around the shaft to prevent water ingress that could make the tool conductive.

Extra Wide Handles

Extra Wide Handles

If you have larger hands or wear gloves whilst working, you will find our range of tools comfortable to work with as they feature extra wide handles for added comfort.

Intergrated forward treads

Integrated Forward Treads

Where appropriate, many of our insulated spades and shovels have forward-facing treads, allowing you to place extra force on the back of the spade with greater precision. They also reduce weak points and allow the shovel to be lighter weight.

Traceability Unique Code


Our ShockSafe branded products come with a unique barcode that can be traced back to when the tool was made and tested, ensuring your safety.

What is BS8020?

This is a British Standard that is specifically for tools designed for working near conductor rail systems operating at voltages up to 1000V a.c. or 1500V d.c.

The insulative properties of these tools also make them ideal for use by utility contractors and road workers where buried cables and live infrastructure pose a risk. It should be noted that this standard does differ from hand tools that electricians, such as screwdrivers and pliers, conventionally use.



Key Types Of Insulated Hand Tools In Our Range

Shovels and Spades

Insulated Shovels & Spades

These digging implements are perfect for digging cable trenches at the side of the road whilst laying new fibre networks or gas pipes.

Insulated Forks


Used for spreading ballast or breaking up uncultivated ground and hardcore whilst digging for pipe laying or cable laying.

Insulated Digging Bars

Insulated Digging Bars

These can be used to break up the most stubborn clumps of material or rocks in areas where diggers cannot access them.

Insulated Rakes

Insulated Rakes

Used to spread tarmac and asphalt whilst resurfacing or carrying out reinstatement around excavations.

Cannot Find The Tools You Need?

We stock a wide range of hand tools, and not all of them are insulated style, so if you cannot see what you are looking for, please give our sales team a call on +44 (0)1905 794875. They will help you find what you need at a price that won't shock you, ensuring you can stay safe at work and within budget.

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