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Hose Clips & Clamps Available From Stock

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Worm Drive Hose Clips & Hose Clamps

Although referred to as hose clips, you will find these clamps in many applications throughout a range of industries. They can commonly be found on garden hose pipes, securing hoses on cars or fixing signage on roadside posts. All worm drive clips have one common feature: the mechanism they use to tighten their fixing band, which, as the “worm drive” name suggests, involves a screw thread which pulls a clamping band tight, creating a secure, firm fitting.

By design, these clips are adjustable, making them easier to install than other pipe clamping options. The even distribution of pressure and ease of use that these clamps offer is why they are so commonly found securing hoses carrying fluids or pressurised air in place on many sites.

With the range of environments in which these fixings are used, it is no surprise that some variants are tailored to suit specific requirements. For instance, stainless steel hose clips are available specifically for use in marine and food production environments where enhanced resistance to corrosion is required.

Jubilee Stainless Steel Hose Clips

Key Features Of Hose Clips

Hose Clip In Use

Easy To Use

Hose clips are easy to use, requiring only a screwdriver or socket to tighten. Most styles can be opened up and placed onto hoses or posts already in situ.

Size Measurement On A Hi-torque Hose Clamp

Adjustable Fit

Most hose clamps feature an adjustment measurement; this will be two figures such as 90-120mm. This variance means that one clamp is suitable for all applications between 90 and 120mm in diameter.

304 Stainless Steel Hose Clip

Corrosion Resistant

The hose clips in our range are either plated or made from a corrosion-resistant material, with mild steel zinc plated or stainless steel being the most popular options.

Reusable Hose Clips For Automotive Industry


You can reuse these clips frequently as you can loosen them without damaging them using the screw adjuster. This reusability is ideal for vehicles that may need to have them removed and refitted as part of maintenance.

Tamtorque Clip With Tool

Security Options Available

For applications where security is a concern, for example, when fitting signage, security-style screw bands are available. These feature uncommon heads, so vandals or thieves cannot operate them with a standard screwdriver or socket.

Jubilee Hose Clips


Having been present in the marketplace for over 100 years (Jubilee clips), these clips have been tried and tested, and these are now some of the most reliable and trusted fixings in the marketplace.

Key Types Of Hose Clips

Zinc Plated Hose Clip Used With Agricultural Irrigation Hose

Mild Steel Zinc Plated

We have a full range of mild steel zinc-plated hose clips that are suitable for use anywhere not deemed to have a high corrosion risk. Ideal for DIY applications and agricultural and industrial use.

Marine Industry

Stainless Steel

There are two grades of stainless steel available for most of the hose clips we provide. 304 stainless steel is ideal for applications with an elevated risk of corrosion. In contrast, the 316 stainless steel range is suitable for high-risk applications where marine-quality fittings are needed.

JCS Tamtorque Anti Tamper Security Fixing Clip Used To Fix A Speec Camera

Security Fixings

We have a selection of stainless and mild steel anti-tamper and security hose clips within our range. These require a particular tool bit to both tighten and undo the fastening.

Jubilee Branded Hose Clips

Jubilee Branded

Jubilee branded clips are the “original” hose clip. They produced the original hose clip in 1921 and have been making them since.

JCS Branded Banding

JCS Branded

A relatively newcomer to the market, yet they still offer a great quality item with more of a focus on anti-tamper offerings.

Jubilee Superclamps

High-Pressure Application

The Superclamp range is explicitly designed for oil, gas, food and chemical industries where an extra heavy-duty clamp is required. These are available in zinc-plated and stainless steel.

Jubilee Multiband Snip To Size Type Banding

Universal Sized

This clamp style comes with an extra long band; you can trim this with tin snips to suit the application at hand. It allows you to carry a nearly “one size fits all” band with you.

Jubilee Quick-Release Straps

Quick Release

If you need to switch hoses regularly for servicing and maintenance, quick-release straps can save considerable amounts of time.

How Are Hose Clamps Measured?

All measurements of hose clamps refer to the outside diameter of the hose or pipe you are clamping.

For example, a 33mm outside diameter hose would be fine with a 32-35mm clamp.

Diagram About Measuring Hose Clamp Diameters

Need Help Finding The Hose Clip You Need?

If you have any questions about hose clips, contact Start Safety. We are available by phone at +44 (0)1905 794875 and stock a wide variety of fixings on our shelves, including P clips, sign fixings and more. Our experienced team is always ready to help, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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