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P-Clips With EPDM Rubber Liners

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P Clips - Suitable For Retaining Hoses, Pipes & Cables

We stock a wide range of metal P-clips in zinc-plated mild steel and 304 stainless steel. P clips are the fixing of choice for retaining hoses, cables and pipework in place in buildings, vehicles and machinery. P clips are often seen as the most economical and efficient method to secure items such as hoses and pipes quickly over long distances, especially in areas where tray work is impractical.

P-Clips can prevent breakdowns, leaks or even fires by holding cables and pipes in place. On machinery and vehicles vibrating components can cause electrical insulation to wear through or hoses to fatigue, either of which can have serious consequences. Within buildings, unsupported pipework can quickly lead to leaks as the fluid in it places strains on joints.

Our P clips feature UV-resistant EPDM rubber liners with a huge working temperature range of -50c to 150c. This liner helps distribute clamping force evenly whilst preventing creep and abrasion caused by bare metal contacting hoses and cables.

Jubilee P Clips In Use

Key Features Of Our P Clip Range

Different Sized Jubilee Clips

Wide Range Of Sizes

We have P clips suitable for items with an outside diameter of 5mm right through to 52mm. Ensuring everything from capillary tubes to pneumatic systems to large power cables can be safely supported.

Jubilee Clips In Use

Ease Of Use

Our lined p-clips are exceptionally easy to use; you can bolt, rivet or screw them in place. Each product page has a table indicating the size of the fastener (not included) that the clip requires.

Jubilee P-clip used Around A Copper Pipe


Once removed, you can use these clips again without diminishing their performance, saving you money in the long run. This feature makes them suitable for both permanent and semi-permanent applications.

Measuring Your P-Clip

When deciding what size of P clip you need for a job, you will need to measure the outside diameter of the item you are securing.

Each P clip has a rated size; this should match the outside diameter of your hose, pipe or cable.

If you cannot see the size you need, or your required size sits between two p-clip sizes, we advise buying the sizes on either side and using whichever fits best. As the rubber liner compresses during fitting, you can use it to accommodate out of size items, but this does depend on the item you are securing in place.

How To Measure P Clips

What Industries Use P-Clips

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas

These clips can be used to ensure that wiring and hydraulic lines stay in place whilst equipment operates nearby.

Marine Insustry


Our stainless steel range is ideal for use on boats and marine equipment; they are corrosion resistant and can be used for tasks such as securing cabling to communication equipment or fuel lines to outboard motors.

Agricultural Industry


P clips can be used to secure cabling within heavy farming equipment or irrigation lines in indoor greenhouses.

Automotive Industry


P clips can be used in automotive applications in a variety of areas; they are most commonly used for securing battery cables, brake lines and other hoses in place.

Manufacturing Industry


P clips can be used to secure fluid feed lines in place during manufacturing processes or oil feed lines within milling machines and more.

Electrical Engineer At Work


When it is not possible to run tray work to a machine, P clips can be used to hold power lines and signalling cables safely in place securely.

Other Fixings Available In Our Range

Jubilee Hose Clips

Hose Clips

Choose from a range of hose clips suitable for fastening everything from hoses to air conditioning ducts and signage.

Well Nuts And Fixings

Well Nuts

If you want to bolt down a post or speed bump, these are just what you need.

Shield Anchor Bolts

Shield Anchors

These are suitable for bolting heavy items to hard surfaces such as concrete and brickwork.

Not Looking For P Clips? We Are Here To Help

If you cannot find the fastener that you are looking for, then do not hesitate to contact our sales team. We have a comprehensive catalogue of fixings, fasteners, tools, and PPE equipment ready to send straight to site. Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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