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Speed Roundels For Roads & Car Parks

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Showing 1 to 12 of 12 (1 Pages)

Speed Roundels For UK Speed Limits

Our range of thermoplastic markings includes a full set of UK speed limit roundels. These come in a variety of sizes to suit all speed limits. We are also able to offer these markings in full colour or monochromatic (single colour).

Round or elongated roundels can be applied depending on where they are being positioned. Elongated markings make the roundels appear round, even at long viewing distances.

Full-colour markings are perfect for private car parks and industrial estates where 5 mph or 10 mph speed limits often need to be enforced. On public roads, monochromatic white roundels are normally used to indicate a change of speed limits. These are almost always seen through 20mph and 30mph zones.

5mph Thermoplastic Marking


How Are These Markings Applied?

These thermoplastic road markings are applied with a gas torch. The thermoplastic material they are cut from melts and bonds to the road surface for a hard wearing long lifespan.

Each road marking is supplied in pre-cut sections making them easy to install. Once you have them assembled, which is like assembling the worlds easiest jigsaw puzzle you can apply heat and fuse them to the ground.

For some applications you may require the use of a primer, this is if the tarmac is old, or you are applying the marking to concrete or pavers.

Other Road Marking Systems

Within our wide selection of road markings, we have liquid paints, thermoplastic rolls, and other thermoplastic symbols.

Unlike hand-painted symbols, you can be sure that by using these symbols your roundels are always the same shape, size and meet all specifications required for UK highway use.

Need Help Finding The Best Thermoplastic Speed Roundels?

If for whatever reason you cannot find the exact product you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact our sales support team, they will happily assist you in finding the right product for your needs.

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